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Denmark: Who to win Melodi Grand Prix?

31 January 2009 at 01:06 CET

Unlike in recent years when Danish TV chose to have Semi-Finals, it was decided to have a one-off event this year with 10 songs fighting for the trophy:

  1. Trine Jepsen - I Never Fall In Love Again  - written by Claes Andreasson,Torbjörn Wassenius, Johan Sahlén and Niels Kvistborg
  2. Jeppe - Lucky Boy - written by Jeppe Laursen
  3. Marie Carmen Koppel - Crying Out Your Name - written by Marie Carmen Koppel and Dan Hemmer
  4. Sukkerchock - Det Det - written by Lasse Lindorff, Mogens Binderup and Lise Cabble
  5. Jimmy Jørgensen - Alice In The Wonderland - written by Mikael Erlandsson, Torbjørn Wassenius, Claes Andreasson and Birgitte Rye
  6. Hera Björk - Someday - written by Christina Schilling, Jonas Gladnikoff, Henrik Szabo and Daniel Nilsson
  7. Claus Christensen - Big Bang Baby - written by Troels Holdt, Lars Malm and Lise Cabble
  8. Johnny Deluxe - Sindssyg - written by Noam Halby, Jakob Glæsner and Peter Kvint
  9. Christina Undhjem - Underneath My Skin - written by Mads Haugaard and Brian Risberg Clausen
  10. Niels Brinck - Believe Again - written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin M. Larsson and Ronan Keating

In the first round of voting, a top 4 will be selected by an expert jury and televoting which will both count for 50%. In the second round the songs will compete in pairs to select the top 2. The third round will then decide about the winner which again will solely be decided by televote.

Danish TV DR will provide a webcast which can be found on their official website for the event.  The show will start at 20.00h CET and will be presented by Birthe Kjær - the Danish representative in the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne with Vi Maler Byen Rød - and Felix Smith.

Denmark was drawn into the 2nd Semi-Final for the 2009 contest yesterday and hopes to reach the final again after Simon Mathew managed to make the Danes proud in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.

UPDATE: attended the first general rehearsal and here is some background information by Kirsten Marie Kristensen:

Trine Jepsen: I Never Fall In Love Again

The last time Trine Jepsen participated was in 1999 with the song Denne Gang – back then she won.

The song: “Up beat pop and a dance friendly number in a red moulin rouge set stage show.”

Jeppe (Wildcard): Lucky Boy

Jeppe is best known as the one half of the famous and popular Danish pop-duo Junior Senior.

The song: “Cartoon like happy song with a happy boy. Strong and catchy chorus, that you cant help clapping along to.”

Marie Carmen Koppel (Wildcard): Crying Out Your Name

Marie Carmen Koppel is one of Denmark’s best soul divas but entering the Melodi Grand Prix for the first time.

The song: “Strong gospel inspired voice. Stage lighting works very well with the ballade.”  

Sukkerchok: Det' det

Music and lyrics by: Lasse Lindorff, Mogens Binderup and Lise Cabble. This is a very experienced team of songwriters in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. The girls performing the song got famous from doing the intro song to the Danish version of the reality show ”Paradise Hotel”.

The song: “Catchy pop that brings you back to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in the 80’ties. Young and fresh!”

Jimmy Jørgensen (Wildcard): Alice In The Wonderland

Jimmy has previous been the front singer in a popular Danish rock band, and has an acting career in both theatre and TV. The songwriters are very experienced with Grand Prix in several different countries.

The song: “Rock song with a Beatles feel meets Swedish Melodifestival star Andreas Jonsson. Good voice.”

Hera Björk: Someday

Hera is a well-known and accomplished singer in Island. The team of four songwriters are all friends from Denmark and Sweden – and they all share a deep passion for Eurovision.  

The song: “Swedish schlager meets ABBA. Hera gives a strong diva performance worthy of the song. And the choir of five is excellent. The songs ends with a pyro spiral in best Eurovision style”  

Claus Christensen: Big Bang Baby

Both performer Claus Christensen and the writers have a long career of writing, performing and producing music. For Claus how ever this is the first time he performs as an artist on the stage.

The song: “Happy pop in high pitch. Good pop in Danish with artistic fire show on stage.”

Johnny Deluxe (Wildcard): Sindssyg

Johnny Deluxe is one of Denmark’s most popular pop bands with several big hits and platin albums behind them.

The song: “Johnny Deluxe-style song and very solid pop with a rocky guitar, base and drums. Very good band performance.”  

Christina Undhjem: Underneath My Skin

Christina has been in the Norwegian Grand Prix final twice before. The songwriters are also well-establish names. One of them is better known as Brian Rice, who has several solo albums behind him.

The song: “An impressive voice carries this classic ballad set on a smokey sky-like stage.”

Brinck: Believe Again

Brinck competes in Grand Prix for the first time, but not long ago - in 2008 – he released his first solo album. The two Danish songwriters met Ronan abroad and it was here they decided to write the song together.

The song: “The connection to Boyszone does not deny itself. Catchy pop boyband like song and very popular with the audience!”