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Denmark's Soluna records new video

09 May 2012 at 16:57 CEST

The Danish representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Soluna Samay, has received much acclaim for her song Should've Known Better after it somewhat surprisingly yet deservedly won the Danish national selection, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in Aalborg back in January.

The young Soluna's colourful background and musical upbringing have set the scene for the look and performance of her song with an essence of the alternative about it. Now ahead of travelling to Baku this Sunday, Soluna has been working on amongst other things a brand new video for Should've Known Better.

A new video for Europe

There are already two videos for Should've Known Better: the official preview video from Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and a seperate video set in a caravan. However, writer and producer of the song Chief 1 has insisted a new video be made to better sell Soluna and Denmark to the European public.

The video is set in the quirky and infamous Christiania area of Copenhagen; the so called home of the alternative. The setting is simple, with Soluna, a horse, her band members, the shrubbery of Christiania and some coloured caravans making for an effective video offering a little bit more for the people who will watch it when finished.

"I'm walking amongst the nature, between some coloured caravans and funky houses and then I play with the band", explained Soluna to the DR Eurovision team about the video whilst her stylist removes horse hairs from her costume.

"We want to keep to what we had in Aalborg and try to bring across my story across with my street performing father and travelling a lot. That's also what the song is about. I've always loved clothes like these and have had a funky upbringing so it's in the same style", said Soluna who was wearing the same uniform jacket and vagabond hat that she had in January when she won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

Here are some pictures from the filming of the new video, courtesy of our friends at DR:

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Preparing for Baku

Right now Soluna is preparing for her journey to Baku with the other members of the Danish delegation on Sunday, where her rehearsals will start early next week. In fact, only today she was having her hair done so that it looks perfect for standing on stage at the Baku Crystal Hall.

Soluna will perform in the first Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest on the 22nd of May at the Baku Crystal Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan where she will compete for one of the 10 places in the final with 17 other acts.

Although the new video is not ready yet, take a look at the official preview video of Should've Known Better:

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