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Denmark's Soluna: From busker to Baku with a new outfit

17 May 2012 at 18:34 CEST

"I am getting a bit nervous now"

Soluna Samay, this year's Danish participant, was very relaxed backstage when we spoke to her. Her backing vocalists were having their dresses adjusted and Soluna took out her guitar and sang Should've Known Better in a beautiful acoustic version followed by making a very special message for you all. 

Despite her numerous language skills, we asked her in Danish about whether she was excited and she said, "a little but I can feel I am starting to get a bit nervous now". 

At the end she signed our iPad, which will be added to a special gallery later! 

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New outfit for Soluna and strong vocals

Fresh from her warm up concert with, Soluna's second rehearsal was vocally very strong and she performed with that same old smile and charm that she has exhibited in previous performances. 

The biggest difference we could see was that Soluna had abandoned the red outfit in favour of a new costume made up of a black and white striped pair of trousers and a dark top with a black and white waistcoat. Her iconic hat was still there. 

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Other differences include quite big changes to the LED graphics on stage, with a simulated dawn effect to start off with and other differences, which became apparent to optimise the feeling of the song. 

The camera angles remain focused on close shots of Soluna, to maintain that intimate feeling. 

"I can relate to the song and it means a lot of me"

Soluna came into the press conference room with a guitar and her stage companions including the musicians and backing vocalists. 

She was asked about the differences between being a street musician and a Eurovision Song Contest musicians, she said, "being a street musician is far more natural for me because I have been doing it since I was five years old. At a concert people maybe pay an entrance fee and have certain expectations so there is more pressure". 

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When asked about the outfit change she said, "I was jealous that the others on stage were changing their outfits all the time and I wanted a change". She didn't say more about if it was the final costume yet. 

Soon she will be releasing a second album with the same songwriting and production team who created Should've Known Better.

As with our backstage video above, Soluna sang an accoustic version of the song from the stage with her beautiful voice and impressive guitar skills. Part of the backing was played by the pianist Jesper on his iPad!