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Denmark's Basim releases a new single

02 December 2014 at 13:47 CET

The single is called Picture In A Frame and is written by Basim and number of his colleagues in the United States. It is his first self-penned release since the Eurovision Song Contest.

"My new single is about love and breaking up with someone you love. When you have been in a relationship for a long time, you share so many memories with the other person. When you split up, the memories are all that you have left and it is only then that you realise what you have lost", explains Basim.

"I want to make music that defines me as an artist"

A big hit in Denmark, Cliche Love Song was streamed more than 9 million times and seen 3 million times on YouTube and was broadcast all over Europe during the Eurovision Song contest.

"My previous single Cliche Love Song was designed for a large TV show, and I wrote the song based on what people wanted to hear, and what people think is fun to party to. But now I really want to produce something that is more me, and that defines me as an artist. It is important to me that the music I make now is quality", says Basim and continues:

"I don't expect it to become a huge hit, but I hope that people will like the song and take to it. Personally I think it is the best song I have written so far. The most beautiful thing about music is that you are allowed to become a part of people's lives, because music fills up so much of our everyday lives, and music manages to create feelings i our bodies in a way that nothing else does. I make music night and day and it is a crazy feeling when you create something that actually touches people".

Music that conjurs up images and feelings

It has been important for Basim to produce new and more personal music, to be able to step out of the role of Eurovision star. That's why this new single has been very important and he has spent a lot of time getting down to the smallest detail.

"It has been a long process producing Picture In A Frame and I have been extremely occupied by the various sounds and all the tiny details. It has been important to me that both the music and lyrics were perfect. I also hope that the lyrics create images in people's heads when they hear it. Picture In A Frame reflects something we can all relate to and when people hear the song, most people will think of a situation close to them", says Basim.

Basim's new single can be streamed and downloaded from yesterday, the 1st of December. 

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015: Facts & figures

  • 687 songs have been received by broadcaster DR.
  • The show will take place in the city of Aalborg on the 7th of February.
  • Esben Bjerre and Jacob Riising will host the show. 


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