Participants Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020
Participants Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020
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Denmark's lineup for national selection Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020


A mix of well-known Danish singers and new talent graces the lineup of this year's Danish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Danish broadcaster DR presents 10 acts performing on 7 March for the chance to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

Ben & Tan - Yes

  • Written by Emil Adler Lei, Jimmy Jansson and Linnea Deb

17-year-old Benjamin Rosenbohm and 22-year-old Tanne Amanda Balcells met when they participated on the Danish X Factor.

Their song is about being open to love, even if it might derail your initial plans.

Benjamin Kissi - Faith

  • Written by Benjamin Kissi, Gisli Gislason and Frederik Tao Nordsøe Schjoldan

Benjamin's childhood was filled with music. His mother loved funk, afrobeat and reggae, and he played the guitar from a young age. After being part of multiple bands, he released 2 solo records.

Faith is an old-school soul track about trust.

Emil - Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig

  • Written by Emil with Gavyn Matthew Bailey, Esben Svane and Tim Schou

Emil's song is about his grandfather who he has never met, but of whom he heard lots of stories about growing up. The Danish song title translates to 'Wish I Had Known You'.

Isam B - Bølger

  • Written by Isam B, Morten Woods, Babak Vakili and Troels Kampmann Kjær

42-year-old Isam B became famous around Europe as part of the rap group Outlandish (WATCH: Outlandish - Aicha). He later pursued a solo career and scored local hits in Denmark.

His song Bølger is about being proud of who you are and leaving prejudice behind, no matter what.

Jamie Talbot - Bye Bye Heaven

31-year-old Jamie rose to fame during X Factor in 2018, he reached second place in the final and has since released several singles.

Jamie describes Bye Bye Heaven as a radio-friendly pop song about surrendering to the temptation of love.

Jasmin Rose feat RoxorLoops - Human

  • Written by Lise Cabble, Grace Risch, Gavin Jones and Erik Smaaland

Lisa Cabble is a previous Dansk Melodi Grand Prix contestant: she was runner-up in 2013 when Emmelie de Forest's Only Teardrops won and again last year when Leonora won the national selection with Love Is Forever.

On stage, Lisa is joined by beatboxer RoxorLoops who was part of Witloof Bay (Belgium 2011).

Human is about losing touch with each other in an increasingly technological world, both on a macro and micro level.

Kenny Duerlund - Forget It All

  • Written by Kenny Duerlund, Henrik Tala, Mila Falls and Patrick Jean

Singer and actor Kenny played one of the main roles in the musical Evita in Denmark.

The song Forget It All is about having emotional baggage that restricts us, but sometimes a certain person can cause you to lose that and reset.

Maja Og De Sarte Sjæle - Den eneste goth i Vejle

  • Written by Maja Rudolph and Timo Mastrup-Andersen

The duo will sing the song Den eneste goth i Vejle (The Only Goth In Vejle), which is a song about divorce from the children's perspective.

Sander Sanchez - Screens

  • Written by Jonas Thander, Liam Craig and Christopher Wortley

23-year-old Sander studies musicology at the University of Copenhagen.

Screens is about living through a screen, not via reality. Sander urges people to look each other in the eye and not isolate themselves.

Sys Bjerre - Honestly

  • Written by Sys Bjerre and Lasse Lyngbo

Sys had her big break in 2008 and has released 4 albums since then.

Honestly is about climate change, which is a subject that's dear to Sys' heart. She wants to both entertain people and make a connection between them.

Who is your favourite to become Denmark's representative at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam? Let us know in the comments!

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