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Denmark: Movie stars and caviar for Anti Social Media

15 May 2015 at 18:51 CEST
Today, Denmark returned to the Wiener Stadthalle for its second rehearsal. After a few days to relax, see the city and meet the press they were ready and raring to get back onto the beautiful stage!

Ahead of the rehearsal, DR told us that lead singer Philip will perform in a new outfit at the request of songwriter Chief 1 who thinks it may work better on screen. It may, however, be changed before the live show. 

At 19 the band members of Anti Social Media are having a wail of a time in Vienna; attending parties and press events they have been the centre of attention here. Similarly they have also been resting to ensure they are completely ready for their rehearsals and of course the all important live shows. 

Optimised presentation

Visually not much has changed from the previous rehearsal apart from lead singer Philip's clothing as mentioned above. A number of tweaks have been made to camera work in order to optimise the presentation. Vocally, the group is very strong and gives a very confident performance. Very well prepared for the live show on Tuesday!

With regards to the new outfit, Philip is wearing an American style football jacket, adding more of a high school feel to the presentation.

Gallery: Denmark: Second rehearsal

"Eurovision has been a lot of fun, so maybe we'll participate again!"

When coming into the press conference, the boys were asked about the changes, to which they talked about the minor differences as mentioned above. 

They were also asked by an Australian radio station how they control their nerves, to which they replied "we just talk a lot and joke a lot, giving each other pep talks". Their manager said, "I hope you don't get nerves five minutes before going on stage during the Semi-Final!". 

The group also spontaneously made up a song using random German words, about Austrian food! Improvisation at it's best (and weirdest). 

Maybe the most encouraging answer given by the band was to a question about whether or not they would consider participating in the Eurovision Song Contest again. After some thought the reply was, "It's been a lot of fun so far, so why not?" going on further to say, "maybe if we get the opportunity we will do it again?". 

Gallery: Denmark: Anti Social Media press conference

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