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Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Denmark: 'Melodi Grand Prix' is upon us! πŸ‡©πŸ‡°

On Saturday 5 March, the Danes will have their say on who gets to represent them at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. 'Drama Queen's and 'Soldiers of Love' up and down the Nordic nation will be watching and voting. Here's what we can look forward to on the night:

📺 TUNE IN: Melodi Grand Prix will begin at 20:00 CET. Danish broadcaster DR1 will be airing the pre-selection in Denmark, and they will also be setting up a live stream on, for those who are able to access it.

Opening the show will be the winners of Melodi Grand Prix 2021, Fyr Og Flamme. They represented Denmark at the Contest in Rotterdam, and ended up being firm fan favourites with their 'Dansk dansegulv’ crowd pleaser, Øve Os På Hinanden.

Hoping to be the 2022 successor to Fyr Og Flamme, we have 8 artists eagerly awaiting their chance to perform their songs for the nation, as well as to everybody else that’s going to be tuning in from outside of Denmark, too. And if you are planning on watching, these are the 8 songs you can expect to see competing on the night, in the order that they’ll be performing:


Patrick Dorgan: Vinden Suser Ind

(Lyrics and music: Patrick Dorgan, Ole Bjørn Sørensen, Jeppe Kronback and Daniel Scheffmann)

An artist who has been around on the Danish pop scene for almost a decade, it was the strength of his competing entry that made him finally look towards that Melodi Grand Prix stage in Herning. Patrick released his debut album in 2015, and has since released a well-received Christmas tune, as well as a single with Alphabeat’s Stine Bramsen.

📺 Watch: Patrick Dorgan – Vinden Suser Ind

Conf3ssions: Hallelujah

(Lyrics and music: Moh Denebi, Rachel Furner, Jon Nørgaard, Patrick Dalton and Nikolaj Pellegrini)

Behind Conf3ssions are the three gospel talents Laura Lindell, Tobias Callesen and Sara Callesen. The young singers know each other’s voices very well by this point: while Tobias and Sara are siblings, Laura is a self-proclaimed 'bonus sister’, and they have bonded with each other through a common fascination with choir and gospel music. The trio have been singing together all their lives.

📺 Watch: Conf3ssions: Hallelujah

Der Var Engang: En Skønne Dag

(Lyrics and music: Emma Pi Hedeboe, Rasmus Hedeboe and Claus Reenber)

Der Var Engang consists of daughter Emma Pi and father Rasmus, who have played and sung together ever since Emma Pi learned to sing when she was very young. While Rasmus has toured the country with his own music, Emma Pi stole the hearts of the Danish public when she won the MGP Junior in 2014. As well as the same genes, the pair also share a mutual love of Danish poetry and country music.

📺 Watch: Der Var Engang: En Skønne Dag

Full Effekt: Rave Med De Hårde Drenge

(Lyrics and music: Alexander Scott Dyrbye, Zachary Rune Dyrbye, Claus Valdorff Thomsen and Kasper Bruhn Nielsen)

Comprised of Zacdaddy, Beefsupreme, Spytclaus and DJ Speakr, Full Effekt are a self-professed band of a good-time guys, who initially bonded over their shared love of music and humour. They promise to get the party started for Danish viewers on Saturday night, hinting towards something of a 'culture shock’ being in store.

📺 Watch: Full Effekt – Rave Med De Hårde Drenge

Josie Elinor & Jack Warren: Let Me Go

(Lyrics and music: Mikkel Sørensen, Katrine Brixen, Benjamin Rosenbohm and Julie Aagaard)

Ever since biology student Josie Elinor and carpentry-educated Jack Warren were put together at a songwriting camp, they have clicked over their similar taste in music. Every Sunday, the pair get together to exchange thoughts, tunes and lyrics with each other, but when they finally get to sing at Melodi Grand Prix, it will the very first time that they will have performed live together.

📺 Watch: Josie Elionor & Jack Warren – Let Me Go

Morten Fillipsen: Happy Go Lucky

(Lyrics and music: Morten Fillipsen)

He catapulted to fame 20 years ago when he took to the MGP Junior stage, and since then he’s released music under the artist moniker In Memoirs, as well as with the band The Grenadines. Now, he sees no more fitting a way to celebrate his 20-year anniversary in music, than by competing in Melodi Grand Prix 2022.

📺 Watch: Morten Fillipsen – Happy Go Lucky

REDDI: The Show

(Lyrics and music: Siggy Savery, Chief1, Ihan Haydar, Remee Jackman and Julia Fabrin)

Ihan Haydar on drums, Ida Bergkvist on bass, Agnes Roslund on guitar and Siggy Savery, who plays guitar and sings, are all set to make a big impression on Denmark this weekend, when they make their debut as REDDI on the Melodi Grand Prix stage. The band were put together by drummer Ihan along with one of the Danish music industry’s biggest names in pop over the past couple of decades, Chief1 (Lars Pedersen).

📺 Watch: REDDI – The Show

Juncker: Kommet For At Blive

(Lyrics and music: Christian Juncker)

With 6 albums and hits aplenty behind him, Juncker has been a well-known name on the Danish music scene for over a quarter of a century, during which his signature sound has been pop-rock with relatable lyrics in Danish. With his Melodi Grand Prix song, he promises something more abstract, emotional and personal.

📺 Watch: Juncker – Kommet For At Blive

The Voting 🇩🇰

In a brand-new element to the voting process, this year DR have introduced an app to proceedings. The people of Denmark are already voting in the Melodi Grand Prix app during this week leading up to the main event. From Monday 28 February to Friday 4 March, Danes can cast 1 vote on each song every day. Then, in Saturday’s big final, once all songs have been performed, these app votes will be combined with votes made throughout the evening, after which 8 songs become 3. These 3 songs will then be performed once more, and Danish viewers will be able to vote for their favourite to secure that much sought-after ticket to Turin.

Tina Müller and Martin Brygmann will be our hosts for the evening, coming to us live from the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning.

Share your thoughts on Denmark’s pre-selection line-up via the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook channels.



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