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Denmark warms to Fyr & Flamme

06 March 2021 at 21:44 CET
Fyr & Flamme won DMGP 2021 Agnete Schlichtrull
Fyr & Flamme have won a hotly contested Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and will perform 'Øve os på hinanden' at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

An action packed Danish national final saw the 8-strong field narrowed down to a top three, leaving Fyr & Flamme, Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn and Jean Michel to battle it out in the public vote for the chance to represent Denmark in Rotterdam this May.

Fyr & Flamme stormed the poll to win with their track Øve os på hinanden (Practice on Each Other).

Speaking exclusively to after their victory, the twosome explain:

"Øve os på hinanden is about trying out and forgiving each other if we make mistakes. The song takes place on a dance floor, where a man and a woman have to work their way forward to see what steps work."

The boys also confirmed that this will be the country’s first entry fully in Danish since 1997 when Kølig Kaj performed Stemmen i mit liv in Dublin. Singer Jesper Groth explained:

“It is a song made according to certain Scandinavian traditions. I can not imagine how we should translate it at all. So we stick to Danish. In recent years we have also seen that several countries are doing really well in their mother tongue - after Portugal's victory in 2017 and Ukraine's victory.”

The pair also thanked the Melodi Grand Prix orchestra claiming it was their backing that really gave their track the extra muscles to win.

Fyr & Flamme won DMGP 2021 Agnete Schlichtrull

Full Dansk Melodi Grand Prix line-up

  • Nanna Olivia - Hvileløse hjerter
  • Fyr & Flamme - Øve os på hinanden ⭐️
  • Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn - Højt over skyerne
  • Mike Tramp - Everything is Alright
  • Claudia Campagnol - Abracadabra
  • The Cosmic Twins - Silver Bullet
  • Emma Nicoline - Står Lige Her
  • Jean Michel - Beautiful

    ⭐️ = winner, ✨ runner-ups

About Fyr & Flamme

“Teenage idols your parents can understand!” - that’s how duo Fyr & Flamme describe themselves.

Already popular in their home country, the pair of synth supremos have had bigs hits with their singles Kamæleon and Menneskeforbruger. Øve os på hinanden (Practice on Each Other) is inspired by Melodi Grand Prix bops of the past, borrowing from those ‘70s dance tracks that force listeners to get up on their feet and stomp over to the dance floor.

Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest

Denmark is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, and the county's recent Eurovision history is a bit of a fairytale in itself. Over the last ten editions of the competition they’ve managed to finish in the top 10 on 5 occasions thanks to Chanée & N'evergreen (2010), A Friend in London (2011), Basim (2014), Rasmussen (2018) and, of course, their 2013 champion Emmelie de Forest who won the Contest with Only Teardrops.

Now Fyr & Flamme get to write the next chapter for the Danes.