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Denmark gets ready for Melodi Grand Prix

10 January 2008 at 22:09 CET

In each semi-final, four participants can qualify for the final, which takes place on the 10th of February. For the other half of the participants, there is still hope; DR's radio stations will give two of them a wildcard to the final, bringing the total amount of participants to the final to 10. 

The following eight contestants will compete in the first semi-final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2008 on the 12th of January: 

  1. Anorah - Laying Down My Cards
  2. Sidse Holte - Vi Er Der Om Lidt
  3. UNITE - Tree Of Life
  4. Amin Jensen - Luciano
  5. Anne-Marie & Claus Hassing - Come On Over
  6. Louise Victoria - Grøn Mand Gå 
  7. Camille & Ulrik - Underneath The Moon
  8. Charlie - Den Jeg Er

These eight hopefuls will compete in the second semi-final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2008 on the 19th of January: 

  1. Gunhild - Vilde Hjerter
  2. Julie Rugaards - Kan Ikke Forstå 
  3. Simon Mathews - All Night Long
  4. Kendr Lou - Until We're Satisfied
  5. Lars & Josefine - Sweet Memories Of You
  6. Sandee May - Spanish Soul
  7. Lasse Lindorff - Hooked On You
  8. The Dreams - La' Mig Være 

Last year, Denmark was represented at the Eurovision Song Contest by drag queen DQ with the song Drama Queen. The act could not count on broad support from Europe's televoters and finished 19th in the Semi-Final.