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Denmark follows Sweden in record-breaking

Posted 29 September 2010 at 10:38

Melodi Grand Prix 2011, the Danish national selection for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, starts off with a total of 663 entries submitted to the broadcaster. This is 101 songs more than last year.
Six songs will be chosen by a jury for the selection show, starting in February. They will be joined by four wildcards, invited by DR.
Some of the well-known authors who submitted their entries, include Christina Schilling (wrote the 2009 Irish entry, Et Cetera) and Claus Christensen, who was the author of the 2007 Danish entry Drama Queen, performed by DQ.
The date and host city of their national selection for Europe's favourite TV-show is still to be revealed.
In 2010, Denmark was represented by Chanée & N'evergreen, who reached the fourth place with their song In A Moment Like This.
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