Denmark chooses A Friend In London for Düsseldorf

One of Europe's most popular national selections took place tonight, where 10 exciting acts all competed to represent Denmark at the 2011 edition of Europe's favourite TV show. 

The Result

From these 10 acts, 4 qualified to the semi-final by an SMS-vote and expert jury. After this 2 acts went on to a final round of voting, where only one act could be victorious and this was A Friend In London with the song New Tomorrow. The semi-final and final results were decided only by SMS-voting. 

To help A Friend In London on their way to victory, there was an amazing crowd in Ballerup Super-Arena, located just a short train journey from Copenhagen. 

A Friend In London celebrating their victory. Photo: Claus Larsen (DR)

The Acts

All of tonight's 10 acts have been praised for their musical variety and amazing quality, which broadcaster, DR has put a lot of emphasis on in recent years. 

Detailed profiles of each of the artists can be seen right here, at!

Below you can see a list of all of tonight's participants (semi-finalists in bold):

  • New Tomorrow
    Artist: A Friend In London. Music/Lyrics: Lise Cabble & Jakob Glæsner
  • Sleepless (Wildcard)
    Artist: Anna Noa. Music/Lyrics: John Gordon, Lene Dissing & Peter Bjørnskov
  • Emma
    Artist: Christopher Brandt. Music/Lyrics: Christopher Brandt & Sisse Søby
  • Drømmen
    Artist: Jeffrey. Music/Lyrics: Jeffrey, Lasse Lindorff, Svend Gudiksen, Daniel Fält & Kim Nowak-Zorde
  • Let Your Heart Be Mine (Wildcard)
    Artist: Jenny Berggren. Music/Lyrics: Jeppe Federspiel & Thomas G:son
  • Black And Blue
    Artist: Kat and Justin Hopkins. Music/Lyrics: Patric Johnson, Joakim Övrenius & Justin Hopkins. 
  • 25 Hours A Day
    Artist: Le Freak. Music/Lyrics: Erik Bernholm, Henrik Sethsson & Thomas G:son
  • Hollywood Girl
    Artist: Lee Hutton. Music/Lyrics: Matilde Kühl, Sune Haansbæk & Ian Mack
  • You'll Get Me Through
    Artist: Sine Vig Kjærgaard. Music/Lyrics: Henrik Janson & Hanif Sabzevari
  • Hvad Hjertet Lever Af (Wildcard)
    Artist: Stine Kinck. Music/Lyrics: Pharfar, Rasmus Allin, Fresh-I & Stine Kinck

Tommy Seebach Tribute

During tonight's final, Eurovision Song Contest veteran Tommy Seebach was remembered tonight in a special tribute when Kirsten Siggaard, Keld Heick and Dario Campeotto performed Tommy's 1993 entry, Under Stjernerne På Himlen

Tommy Seebach died suddenly in 2003 and as Keld Heick said, "I'm so excited that he is finally getting the tribute he deserves!". Kirsten went on to say that, "I'm so happy and proud that I can be part of this tribute to Tommy". 

Dario Campeotto and Kirsten Siggaard are themselves veterans of Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision Song Contest with Kirsten having represented Denmark in 1984, 1985 and 1988 and Dario in 1961. Keld Heick has written the Danish entry a total of 10 times, most recently in 1996.

Keld Heick, Kirsten Siggaard & Dario Campeotto on stage. Photo: Claus Larsen (DR)

Interval Act

Next week, the children's MGP takes place in Denmark and in order to celebrate this all of the children taking part performed in the interval act, just before the winner was announced. 

They performed the theme tune to MGP 2011 called Fantalastisk. Their show will in fact take place at Ballerup Super Arena next week... The same venue as tonight's final! 

Denmark will take part in the second half of the second semi-final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, taking part in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 12th of May. 

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