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Denmark believes in Brinck

Brinck was dressed today in a white shirt and trousers with a black waistcoat. Three guitarists, a drummer and keyboard player complete the Danish line up on stage. The images on the LCD's strangely mix floodlights and what appears to be green shrubbery, and ends with the words Believe Again lit in white lights. There were some initial technical issues with the drums and microphones, but these were overcome after the first performance. Brinck seemed to have his own cheering squad within the rehearsal hall, as each performance was greeted with loud appreciation and applause.


It transpires that Brinck recently spent some time together talking  with co-composer Ronan Keating about what will happen during the Eurovision Song Contest fortnight. During the press conference this was raised and Brinck said "The guy is fantastic, we met in Cologne last week, he just has that frame where he can really make a difference.As for how he came to write it for Denmark, he may have heard of a Danish artist called Brinck and thought that guy can sing!. Seriously, it was actually recorded originally for Boyzone's new album but it didn't make it there and the other co-writers from Denmark submitted the song for the Eurovision Song Contest."

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It was then asked if Ronan Keating would join Brinck on stage, as Andrew Lloyd Webber will with Jade for the United Kingdom. Brinck adds "Well, Ronan is very busy at the moment with his very successful album, but he has said that he will come here to support us if we make it through the Semi-Final. That would be more of a supporting role rather than on stage though."

Music has been part of Brinck's life for many years. He said that he got his first drum set when he was four years old and first guitar when he was 12. He is also a song writer, and states that his new album will not include any cover versions, only original songs. He is happy with his career in Denmark and Scandinavia but says he would like to try harder to break further in to Sweden and Norway's music markets.

The press conference closed with a question about what Brinck misses about his hometown now he lives in the big city in Copenhagen. "I was brought up in a very small place with my grandmother, there was a lot of nature and tranquility there. Now that i'm in Copenhagen, that's a lot further away. We have a summer residence and I really enjoy going there to find peace and breathing space."

The Danish song Believe Again was written by Ireland’s Ronan Keating (formerly of Boyzone) and Denmark’s DeeKay (Lars Halvor Jensen & Martin M. Larsson). Born and raised in the Danish city of Århus, singer Brinck has been drawn to music his whole life, first as a songwriter, then as a producer and now as a singer whose debut album Brinck was a Top 10 hit last year. Brinck moved to Copenhagen four years ago and, in addition to writing and producing, has been working on developing his vocalist skills. After spending some time at the Music Conservatory and trying out other avenues, he found himself more and more attracted to the challenge of performing. He made his debut with In The End I Started as the theme song to the Danish detective series Anna Pihl.

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