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Denmark: A moment like this for Chanée & N'evergreen

18 May 2010 at 15:22 CEST

Chanée & N'evergreen have four backing singers and a large see-through, frosted screen in the middle of the stage. At the beginning of the song the pair are on either side of the screen, standing behind each other to produce silhouettes whilst the other is singing their part. The camera moves between the two to produce a close, yet still distant effect that reflects the nature of the song. Smoke then fills the stage and the screen retracts to unite the couple. There is then a clever use of equipment to sweep Chanée and Thomas away from each other towards the sides of the stage, before they move towards each other and join hands.

In the final part of the song, the two proceed along the catwalk hand-in-hand where their song comes to a powerful conclusion and the blue, white and yellow lighting really accentuates the song. The camera also pans round behind them to create a wide-angled, impressive view of the arena. Another important feature here is the use of the wind machine that adds to the dynamic of the performance. Of course, no performance of this nature could be finished without a spectacular display of pyrotechnics. 


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"Love is the strength in our song"

When appearing at the press conference, Christina and Thomas (otherwise known as Chanée & N'evergreen) entered with their team of backing singers and Thomas wielding his guitar.

The group sang an acoustic version of their song, A Moment Like This in perfect tune, which went down very well in the conference room.

When asked how the rehearsal went, Christina said that a few adjustments needed to be made to the special effects but they are confident it will go well and are keen to keep a similar format to that of the Danish final in Aalborg back in February. They are also pushing for the wind machine to play a more prominent role.

Describing their relationship, Thomas and Christina said that they often wrote their music over Skype as Thomas has had a lot of success in Russia and was there whilst Christina was in Copenhagen. Being apart like this has also affected the pair's music, with love and longing providing strong inspiration.

When asked to describe the perfect moment, they replied, "a day like to day and everybody here should share this moment", keen to play on the lyrics of their song. Following on from this, they were asked who out of Norway and Sweden they would like to beat. The answer here, in the spirit of Nordic good humour was, "we don't want to beat anyone, but Norway and Sweden should be back where they belong... in Danish hands!"

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Christina Chanée had already won several talent competitions at the age of 17. In 2003 she won the soundtrack competition for the Danish movie Anja Efter Viktor. The year after, she became a singer in the band Nubian Fräuleins in the entertainment program on Danish TV, Endelig Fredag. During that time, she met Kid Creole, who later offered her the leading role in the production of Martin Gaye – The Musical. 

Thomas N'evergreen - real name Thomas Christiansen - saw his first success with the song Every Time I See Your Smile which was high on the playlist of Russian MTV. The Russian connection was made, and he was invited to Russia to give concerts. Since 2003 he has been living in Moscow where he continued his success with the song Since You’ve Been Gone, which became a megahit in Russia and the former Soviet republics. The album with the same title sold more than 250.000 copies. Since then he has been giving about 60 concerts a year – several of them in front of 40.000 people.