Delightful Greek-Cypriot party!

The official Euroclub was packed during the Greek-Cypriot party last night, where various delegations, invited fans and the press had a chance to meet Greek participant Kalomira and Cypriot participant Evdokia Kadi. Both of them appeared on stage, singing their respective Eurovision Song Contest entries and receiving huge applause from the cheerful audience. Kalomira and Evdokia also did a performance together. 

The Greek-Cypriot party included many special guest stars, including Russian representative Dima Bilan who gave a powerful performance of his entry Believe. Moreover, Bulgarian Deep Zone & Balthazar started the party with their up-tempo dance tune DJ, Take Me Away. Andorra's representative Gisela also appeared together with her four backing singers, and together they gave a foretaste of what you can expect for the upcoming first semi-final on Tuesday.

Furthermore, Slovenia's Rebeka Dremelj, Malta's Morena and Bosnia & Hercegovina's Laka sang their respective songs for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Among others who attended the party without performing were Georgia's entrant Diana Gurtskaya, Yugoslavian 1991 Eurovision Song Contest participant Baby Doll and of course many other delegations were present at this enjoyable party. After the party ended night owles were able to dance the night away to Eurovision Song Contest tunes on the Euroclub dance floor.

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