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Delegation heads gather in Oslo for annual meeting

22 March 2010 at 00:49 CET

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Producer of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest at NRK, welcomed the delegation heads to Oslo and introduced them to their delegation hosts during a welcome drink at the Radisson Blu Oslo Plaza, earlier tonight.

On Monday morning, the delegation heads will officially hand in their entries for the 55th Eurovision Song Contest to the European Broadcasting Union. In the afternoon, Host Broadcaster NRK will take the stage to proudly present the details behind the upcoming running of Europe's favourite TV-show. From rehearsal schedules to press facilities, from stage design to the overall creative concept of the three shows... No delegation head will leave Oslo uninformed!

At 17:00 CET, the delegation heads will head for the Telenor Arena, the venue where it will all take place in May.

On Tuesday, the delegation heads will be informed by the EBU about various generic activities, such as communications, pr, new media, merchandise, televoting, and various other subjects. For the first time ever, a Heads of Press meeting will take place to specifically inform them about press related topics. For this premiere, Heads of Press from twelve participating broadcasters came to Oslo.

Change of schedule: At 15:00 CET (and not at 13:30 as announced earlier) on Tuesday, the draw for the running order of the Semi-Finals and Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest will take place at EuroClub venue. The draw will be broadcast live through The event is expected to take approximately one hour.

Stay tuned for exclusive updates and videos from the Heads of Delegation meeting in Oslo right here on!