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Delegates, press and fans arriving for Eurovision 2018 event weeks

28 April 2018 at 20:20 CEST
Generic photos stage Thomas Hanses
Over a thousand delegates from 43 countries have started to arrive in the Portuguese capital for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Tomorrow, Sunday, the first group of ten countries will rehearse on the Eurovision stage at Lisbon's Altice Arena for the first time.

With a reach of some 200 million viewers the Eurovision Song Contest has become an event of epic proportions. Not only a record 43 countries are represented on stage — they each come with around 30 to 50 delegates, from artists and their managers to chorographers and costume designers — the contest also attracts nearly 1,500 journalists from over 80 countries and thousands of eager fans. Over the past days, hundreds of them have already arrived in Lisbon and thousands more will arrive in the next couple of days.

The making of a bubble

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest is taking place at Lisbon's Altice Arena, one of Europe's largest multi-purpose indoor arenas. Along with the Pavilhão De Portugal, which is right next door, it facilitates for a world-class television production like the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as a Press Centre for more than 1,500 journalists, including a press conference room (pictured), a working area and a restaurant that will service thousands of meals in the next few weeks. 

With less than a year to organise the Eurovision Song Contest, every day and every hour is being used as efficiently as possible to create an unforgettable event. Crew is working around the clock to perfect every aspect of the organisation, to make sure the participants can have a productive first rehearsal on stage and that press can get to work the moment they walk in tomorrow morning.

Another important area inside the compound is the so-called Delegation Bubble, which includes fully equipped dressing rooms for the participant, make-up and hair facilities and a working area for the delegation heads. 

All together, these areas form the Eurovision bubble. As with every major international event, the Eurovision bubble features airport style security, ensuring the safety of everyone working inside of it.

We are 'All Aboard'!

After Salvador Sobral's win for Portugal in Kyiv last year, the Eurovision Song Contest has traveled to Lisbon for the first time ever. For Portugal and its national public broadcaster RTP it is not only a chance to show what they can do when the flex their muscle, but also an opportunity to show Europe and the world what they have to offer; an inspiring culture, a beautiful country and many other things to be proud of.


Portugal is using the ocean’s connectivity as inspiration for the theme of this year's contest, which is All Aboard, inviting the international community to come together for this year’s competition.

Europe is a collective of many, and this idea inspired RTP’s design team to introduce multiple logos, rather than a single image, to visually support the theme. The main logo depicting a shell, which comes with twelve derivations, representing the variety of life in the oceans.

Through these multiple logos, the creative concept portrays concepts that have become part of the Eurovision Song Contest's DNA, such as diversity, respect and tolerance. 

Thanks to the versatile artwork designed by Host Broadcaster RTP the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest has a strong visual presence across Lisbon, from the luggage belt area at the airport all the way into the heart of the Portuguese capital. If you are in Lisbon in the next two weeks, you can't miss it: The Eurovision Song Contest is in town!

Over the next fourteen days we will give you front row access to the artists, their acts and their entourage, via, the official YouTube channel and the official Eurovision Song Contest accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will report from the parties across Lisbon and we will introduce you to the team that is making this year's Eurovision Song Contest possible. We will share with you exclusive photos and videos from behind the scenes as well as from the rehearsals, as we follow the journey of each of the artists participating in the contest.

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