Deep Zone & Balthazar kick off tour in Ukraine

Untill the end of April, the tour will go on to Malta, London, Portugal, and Croatia, so their fans in these countries will have the opportunity to meet them and get autographs from the Bulgarian stars. It's needless to add that the Bulgarians are hoping to prominently feature in the spotlights of national and local media...  

Despite the huge media interest to the visit of US President George W. Bush to Kyiv, which coincided with the trip of the Bulgarian Eurovision Song Contest team, the national and Kyiv-based media paid a lot of attention to the performances of Deep Zone & Balthazar. During their stay in the Ukrainian capital, the Bulgarian artists were warmly welcomed by local journalists. The schedule featured more than 25 interviews for national media.

Delighted and excited, Deep Zone & Balthazar came back to Sofia, ready to go for the next destination of their tour for the promotion of this year's Bulgarian entry.

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