Deep Zone & Balthazar conquer Malta!

Along with the extensive list of national media, eager to cover the visit of Bulgarian artists, Deep Zone & Balthazar got in touch with the Bulgarian diaspora in Malta. During an improvised concert at a local night club, the musicians brought the house down performing the Bulgarian song in Eurovision and some of their other most popular hits. 

The most fascinating media appearance was Deep Zone & Balthazar’s participation in the most successful Maltese lunch talk-show Sellili on NET TV. The cameras of the national TVM managed to catch unique shots of an improvised jam-session of the lead vocal Joanna, DJ Dian and the break-dancer Peter. Joanna gave up for a minute her major part to sing and started playing the kong vong toch (type of percussions), while DJ Dian was playing the drums. In the streets of Valetta one could hear DJ, Take Me Away coming out of night clubs and cars driving by. 

After a 24-hour rest in Sofia, the Bulgarian representatives in Eurovision are on their way to Istanbul, where they are in for the next portion of media attention

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