Days like this agree with Filipa

Portugal adopted the classical look for their rehearsal performance today. Filipa is stood centrally on the stage with three backing vocalists behind her to her left, and a male pianist, with a large Portuguese flag tied around him to her right. There is a large lit candle on the piano. Today Filipa wears a pair of jeans and a black casual jacket with a white scarf.

The backdrop is made up of long chains of light bulbs which drape from the ceiling to the stage floor, they are parted in the centre almost like a pair of curtains where Filipa stands. Throughout the performance they are a mixed pink and purple colour and turn sky blue at the finale.


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Portuguese the most beautiful language to sing in

At the press conference after the rehearsal, Filipa was asked about the stage show and the simplicity of it compared to some of the other performances from other countries, she said  "We want to do very simple and beautfiul things on stage, but it has to be a very magical thing at the same time too and that's what we are trying to do and we hope that you like it".

Filipa doesn't think that her young age is a barrier to success in the competition, "I feel that there is no age limit and the format of the Eurovision Song Contest is not in any way ageist, you don't have to be of a certain age to win."

The assembled press applauded the Portuguese delegation on their decision to sing in their native language, the team revealed that they did toy with the idea of an English translation, however wanted to show off the song in Portuguese as as they think it is such a beautiful language to sing in. Filipa stated that her favourite of the other competing entries that she has heard so far are those from Georgia and Denmark.

Irrespective of the result in the competition, Filipa intends to continue singing and hopes to record another album in Portugal to follow up the one that she has already released. Filipa wowed the press conference attendees with a spontaneous rendition of a traditional Portuguese Fado song from the very famous artist Dulce Pontes.

Both Filipa and the pianist of the team felt that Portugal had a good draw in the First Semi-Final as they were performing between two uptempo songs in Greece and FYR Macedonia.

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Filipa Azevedo is only 18 years old but has already a victory of the talent show Família Super Star in her portfolio, winning it in 2008, at the age of 16. From then on, she participated in numerous TV shows and recorded her first CD. She studied transverse flute, from the age of 12, at the Music Conservatory of Porto. She presently lives in London, where she studies Music Technology and Music Production. The writer of the song, Augusto Madureira, has been a journalist for over 20 years. But music is an old love in his life: he started studying piano at the age of 6, at the Music Conservatory of Faro.

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