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[Day 9] The First Semi-Final live from Copenhagen! #JoinUs

Posted 7 May 2014 at 0:55

@00:33 That's all from B&W Hallerne for tonight! #JoinUs again tomorrow!
@00:21 Check out our comprehensive report from the winners' press conference, and find out which artists were drawn to perform in which half of the Grand Final on Saturday!

@00:10 Just that you know, we didn't forget other finalists. They just didn't post anything yet :)
@00:01 What a joy! Pollapönk didn't use any words in their post, but the photo speaks for itself.
{Fb#Embed, href: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152027284571526&set=pcb.10152027286056526&type=1&theater}
@23:57 Sanna's post on Facebook: "Thank you for a wonderful support. We did it!"
{Fb#Embed, href: https://www.facebook.com/SannaNielsenOfficial/posts/10152019079846712}
@23:52 We love Mariya's selfie and the post right after the announcement that Ukraine is in the Final.
{Fb#Embed, href: https://www.facebook.com/mariyayaremchukofficial/photos/a.231824057009865.1073741828.226578524201085/242069502651987/?type=1}
@23:46 Valentina from San Marino is definetely one the happiest contestants in arena.
{Fb#Embed, href: https://www.facebook.com/valentinamonettaofficial/photos/a.530389827083008.1073741830.148166525305342/530411113747546/?type=1}
@23:42 Dilara Kazimova (Azerbaijan) is thanking all the fans for their support.
{Fb#Embed, href: https://www.facebook.com/dilarakazimova/posts/635586803196613}
@23:33 We are sharing Sergej's post from Facebook, he looks suprised - but happy!
{Fb#Embed, href: https://www.facebook.com/sergejcetkovicofficialpage/photos/a.179647342046596.45545.167305243280806/787920937885897/?type=1}
@23:15 Let's check the first reactions among the chosen finalists!
{Video#YT, id: vQfKVJOFTNY}
@23:10 Tonight's ten winners are going to have a joint press conference, that you can follow LIVE in our Web TV section.
@22:55 And we have our first 10 finalists (besides Germany, Spain, UK, France, Italy and Denmark). So many nice surprises tonight. Let us know what do you think?
@22:50 The results are about to be announced. The Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand, confirmed that the votes of TV viewers and the expert juries in 19 countries have been merged and that the outcome of tonight's First Semi Final can be shared with the audience announced. But first one "selfie" with the host.

@22:45 In the mean time, in the Green Room seems to be cosy, but are the artists really relaxed?

@22:42 While waiting for the results the host broadcaster (DR) prepared some quite entertaining clips about Copenhagen. Did you enjoy the video about "another ordinary day in Danish capital"?
@22:37 The phone lines are about to be closed, so hurry up if you want to vote one more time to ensure your favourite song to be performed in the Grand Final on Saturday again!
@22:32 There's something more you could check out if you already gave your vote to some of the contestants. We love video about dedicated Eurovision fans! What about you?
{Video#YT, id: SD2zIr3aXSE}
@22:30 The interval act in the First Semi-Final is inspired by Denmark's most popular writer Hans Christian Andersen and his famous fairytales, in this occasion The Ugly Duckling.
@22:27 Right now, all the artists are in the Green Room and they all hope to get your vote. Remember only 10 of the 16 countries you have seen on the stage tonight can make it to the Grand Final. In the meantime, let's going on behind the scenes.

@22:20 We have seen all the competing performances for tonight. Now it's up to you dear Eurovision fans. Europe, start voting now! Still, tell us who is your favourite among first 16 semifinalist.
@22:15 The last contestant to perform in the First Semi final is a young singer from Hungary. His name is Andras Kallay-Saunders who, in his black casual clothing gives a strong rendition of Running while two dancers help him convey the message of his song.

@22:11 Another Eurovision record that we could give this year goes to Sergej Ćetković as he is the tallest participant in 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Representing Montenegro he sings the song Moj Svijet with even a rolling skater on stage!

@22:07 A touch of Nashville for The Netherlands in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Setting the tempo down come The Common Linnets on behalf of The Netherlands. Ilse DeLange wearing a Danish white creation by Claes Iversen and Waylon with his trademark black hat while performing the beautiful Calm After The Storm.

@22:04 Portugal brings the songs back and also the rhythm as Quero Ser Tua is one of the most up-tempo Eurovision entries this year. Dressed in a sexy red mini dress is the singer Suzy dancing her song away along with her backing group. Did you already learn how the Suzy's shake goes? Well it's about time.

@22:01 If you can't get enough of the Eurovision Song Contest, you can download our app or log on to Eurovision.tv and find all kinds of great content - for instace you can also download tonight's song. The only thing you can't get online is the Eurovision Trophy, the host Lise Rønne said and we agree!
@21:58 The hands of the legendary Ralph Siegel introduce the eleventh song for tonight, as he plays the piano in the song Maybe (his third song for Valentina) marking the 40th anniversary since his first participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Back then for Luxembourg and this time for San Marino and the singer Valentina Monetta.

@21:53 In the middle of the Moldovan performance, Cristina Scarlat tore off her curly long hair that turned to be a wig. Cristina’s fans compare this stage act with Disney cartoon Mulan. "Cutting my hair on stage is a metaphor. It symbolises the decision that a human being takes when in doubt", she said for Eurovision.tv

@21:48 Next is Belgium with the singer Axel Hirsoux accompanied by the choreographer Isabelle Beernaert who helpsh him to express the feelings of the song Mother, The song he performs is not about his mother only, it's for all the people out there, Alex explained in some interviews.

@21:45 Ukraine's Maria Yaremchuk is performing ninth with her up-temppo song Tick Tock. Her dress is designed by famous Ukrainian fashion designer, stylist and fashion editor for Cosmopolitan magazine Anna Osmekhina. It is dark blue with black ropes rolling down from the waistline. And let's not forget her dancer-in-a-wheel!

@21:42 Azerbaijan is up next on the Eurovision stage in B&W Hallerne with Dilara Kazimova as the singer accompanied by a female trapeze artist for the performance of the soulful ballad Start A Fire with some etno elements.

@21:38 Seven is the lucky number for the winners of the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the Tolmachevy Sisters, Masha and Nastya, who represent Russia this year with the song Shine and their balancing prop.

@21:35 Standing on a platform with an elegant beige dress designed by Bierina Rugova we find the Albanian performer Hersi delivering a strong performance of sixth Eurovision entry for tonight, One Night's Anger.

@21:32 A short break comes right here to introduce the Eurovision Book of Records videos. The first one is about the highest hair in the history of the contest.
@21:30 If you would like to see one of the first five song in the final on Saturday, you should call in your vote or send a text message, but remember, not before the last song has been performed!
@21:26 But about bringing the colours back, and not only on the stage but also with their costumes, are the Icelandic guys from the band Pollapönk and their lively message of equality spread through the song No Prejudices, starting at number 5 in the first Semi-Final.

@21:23 It is a starry sky that welcomes us into the song number four in the First Semi Final, a strong Swedish ballad Undo with the heartfelt performance of Sanna Nielsen, beautifully dressed in black.

@21:19 The next to perform is Estonia. The stage is transformed into a brick walled dancing studio for Estonian representative and her singer. Amazing, and an indeed amazing routine for Tanja and her partner representing the Baltic country that already Eurovision Song Contest once.

@21:15 Casual and in the good mood Latvian group Aarzemnieki. As you probably noticed they are creating their country's flag, very adequately, baking a cake before they start to perform second. They are singing Cake To Bake with a colourful background on the stage.

@21:12 And first to perform is Aram MP3 from Armenia! He sings you're Not Alone, but he is all alone on stage wearing dark clothes and surrounded by some great lighting effects. More details about this year's contestant from Armenia you can find here.

@21:09 First you should be familiar rule how to vote! The host explained that that 50 precent of votes come from TV viewers and 50 from the national juries. You can vote by calling or sending a text message using the numbers that will appear on the screent during the performances.
@21:05 Nikolaj Koppel, Pilou Asbæk and Lise Rønne are this year’s hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. They are all going to welcome the audience in B&W Hallerne and millions of viewers across Europe (and beyond). They have promised that there will be no jokes about the neighbours, like Sweden - and we believe them.

@21:00 Watching the show? We are paying attention to every second of it! Emmelie de Forest is on the stage, together with "virtual" and real Choir of Europe!
@20:52 As we are going to be concentrated on the show only, last peek on what's going outside B&W Hallerne.

@20:45 There's no much time left until the moment we've been all waiting for! They are also very excited. Twin Twin (if you get the joke).
{Embed#Instagram, url:http://instagram.com/p/nqkxJhjW3O/}
@20:37 As the show is getting closer, we are going to reveal at least some details about it. For example: the First Semi-final is going to be opened with the special performance of so called Choir of Europe, where a lot of fans are singing together while being online. However, that's just an introduction for the live perfromance of Emmelie de Forest (the winner of 2013 Eurovision Song Contest). Stay tuned for more details!
@20:30 Everyone is an armchair judge when it comes to watching the Eurovision Song Contest every year. So, why not downloading the official Eurovision app for your smartphone or a tablet?

@20:22 Over the years, social media has grown to become an almost integral part of European and global society, with people routinely updating their own profiles as well as viewing those of friends, family and celebrities. This year, host broadcaster, DR, wants to take this one step further by bringing you, the viewers, even closer to the action by creating a so-called Social Green Room. More details in the following article.
@20:14 Another important fact: We have 16 semifinalists tonight, but 19 countries will take part in voting. Beside the TV viewers and professional jurries in each of the participating countries, Spain, France and Denmark are also broadcasting tonight's show and be able to vote!
@20:06 You know that you can also watch tonight's show here on Eurovision.tv, right? There is already some video footage from the backstage on!
@19:59 Who are you cheering for tonight? Having any flags around like most of the fans who gethering in arena?

@19:51 We have our ways for making you talk :) #JoinUs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...
{Twitter#Embed, href: https://twitter.com/Eurovision/status/463731277792043008}
@19:43 But let's check what's going on outside of B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen once again.
{Video#YT, id: Gyl9QvRlLWM}
@19:30 This year the list with all the names of jury members (in all the participating countries) is being released before the contest. If you are wondering who is voting in your country, you will find the list here.
@19:23 During the show tonight you will enjoy a few video clips about the Eurovision Book of Records. Some of those clips we are already having online. Check them out and let us know what you think!
{Video#YT, id: sO5SoHPedw0}
@19:15 Did you try a new feature we are having this year? It's called "Matchmaker". Answer ten easy questions and find out which of this year's participants in the Eurovision Song Contest fits you best?
@19:08 Fans are already arriving, two hours before the show, waiting in cues to get in the B&W Hallerne. Who are you going to support tonight? Any favourites?

@19:02 If you still didn't check our Youtube playlist with all the rehearsals and stage perofrmances of tonight's semifinalists, there's still time to enjoy a sneak peek. Enjoy!
{Embed#Playlist, url:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmWYEDTNOGUJX5yRQmb5aZFc_gHpHCXWa}
@18:52 Besides knowing all the songs, you need a scoreboard for tonight's show! Here's a link if you need one (in case you want to evaluate the songs yourself).
@18:45 Are you ready for a big night? Already prepared, knowing all the song? If not this is your last chance. Tonight, we will enjoy 16 amazing acts. However, only ten semifinalists can maket to the Grand Final. So, who would you like to qualify?

The First Semi-Final of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Armenia: Not Alone performed by Aram MP3 Latvia: Cake To Bake performed by Aarzemnieki Estonia: Amazing performed by Tanja Sweden: Undo performed by Sanna Nielsen Iceland: No Prejudice performed by Pollapönk Albania: One Night's Anger performed by Hersi Russia: Shine performed by Tolmachevy Sisters Azerbaijan: Start A Fire performed by Dilara Kazimova Ukraine: Tick-Tock performed by Mariya Yaremchuk Belgium: Mother performed by Axel Hirsoux Moldova: Wild Soul performed by Cristina Scarlat San Marino: Maybe (Forse) performed by Valentina Monetta Portugal: Quero Ser Tua performed by Suzy The Netherlands: Calm After The Storm performed by The Common Linnets Montenegro: Moj Svijet performed by Sergej Ćetković Hungary: Running performed by András Kállay-Saunders
@18:40 The official 2014 Eurovision Song Contest CD is out, but you can download your favourite tracks from iTunes store or Google Play. Nevertheless, you can listen to them online on Spotify.
{Embed#Spotify, url: https://play.spotify.com/album/2ChBXM2MXu0Kvmkq9gAbXm, size: large}
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