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[Day 9] Second rehearsals for Big Five countries

Posted 6 May 2014 at 15:05

@14:35 That's all about the second rehearsals in this developing story, don't forget about the First Semi-final tonight live from B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen at 21:00 CET! The first 16 seminalists are taking part, competing for the participation in the Grand Final. Only ten acts can qualify. Stay tuned, we will be having another LIVE story from this year's Eurovision venue!
@14:28 Ruth arrived in the press conference room talking about her rehearsal: "It was good, not perfect... We still have some considerations to do and also regarding sound, light. There's a lot to be done." She will be performing in the second half of the Grand Final.

@14:20 This looked like a strong storm at the B&W Hallerne and on the Eurovision stage stage! But above all the strongest and the most powerful was a vocal delivery by Ruth from Spain. Check it out yourself!
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@14:16 Did you try a new feature we are having this year? It's called "Matchmaker". Answer ten easy questions and find out which of this year's participants in the Eurovision Song Contest fits you best?
@14:11 The last on the Eurovision stage during the second rehearsals for the finalists was Ruth (Spain). She revealed her dress and, guess what, she looks like a mermaid!

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@14:05 Emma also had her moment with the press today. Italy will be performing in the second half of the Grand FInal.
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@13:53 Just a bit after noon Emma was ready for her second rehearsal today for the Grand Final of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, dressed in a Bowie-inspired white, silver and golden mini dress. Check it out and let us know what you think!
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@13:46 As the hosts, Demark have already been drawn in position 23 in the Grand Final, and Basim was asked how he felt about this position in the running order? "They tell me it is a good number", but he also remarked "if it's a good song the number doesn't matter."

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@13:40 "We came up with the concept based on glam rock from the 70s combined with some futuristic elements”, Nicolo Cerioni, who is in charge of the stage direction of an Italian performance, together with Leandro Emede, explained to Eurovision.tv

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@13:33 Ruth from Spain is the last to rehearse. It's no secret that she is in love with the Little Mermaid. And not only because we're here in Copenhagen but because the soundtrack of the Disney classic was one of her favourite albums since she was a little girl.
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@13:25 Before the cameras started to run, Basim and his backing vocalists took the opportunity to have a short vocal warm up on stage, and in between takes they continued to practice their vocals, and the dancers were also practicing their moves. How the second rehearsal for Denmark went, you can find out in the following video.
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@13:16 The performance of Spain at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest starts with a storm coming and raindrops falling before a piano starts playing and Ruth Lorenzo sings in Spanish
@13:08 At the beginning of Molly's (UK), soft lights move at the back of the stage, slowly building up during the performance with white lights flashing during parts of the song where the tempo changes. Check it out yourself and tell us what you think!
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@12:59 Emma Marrone revealed her dress and, not only glam, but also a proper Italian look from the past as she wears a laurel wreath resembling those of Ancient Rome, which they also hope will bring success and victory.
@12:48 We know that you can hardly wait to see more video from today's rehearsals in B&W Hallerne. Well, here is the performacne of the French contestants.
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@12:39 TWIN TWIN are holding the press conference. #Joinus!

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@12:33 The atmosphere being felt from the presentation of Danish entry is almost one of a 70s disco song and the camera angles focus a lot on Basim and his on stage support and choreography, which is very well-timed and executed perfectly.

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@12:33 In Molly's press conference, many people turned up to ask her quesitons. One of the first questions was about what motivated her to take part in the competition. The first thing she said was, "I am so glad I made this choice!" UK will be performing in the second half of the Grand Final!

@12:30 Emma from Italy is taking over the Eurovision stage in the next half an hour! It looks like it's time for some Roman glam rock.
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@12:12 "We're very thankful to have the opportunity to be on that stage", Ela said to open the press conference. "The rehearsal went OK for us, it's just still strange for us to be on such a big stage." In the press conference, Germany was drawn to perform in the first half of the Grand Final.

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@12:10 This year, for the first time, the names of the national jury members in all countries represented in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest are being revealed before the live shows. We have updated the list. You can check it out here.
@12:06 Keep in mind that we constantly updating all the content on this page, so refresh this page once in a while!
@11:58 Basim from Denmark feels like at home here. Still, the Eurovision stage is something new for him.
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@11:49 "Hi Copenhagen! This is TWIN TWIN . Are you ready to party tonight? When I say TWIN TWIN, you say Oh yeah!" Lorent, the lead singer started their show.

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@11:42 And here's our first video for today. Finally you can enjoy the whole performance we made during the second rehearsal of the German trio Elaiza.
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@11:35 Dear Eurovision fans, you can still submit some questions for this year's Eurovision participants!
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11:29 There appears to have been a few changes made since Molly's first rehearsal on Sunday. Since then the camera angles have appeared to have changed, putting greater emphasis on certain high-powered elements of the song.

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@11:24 "Our band is called TWIN TWIN, because I and François are twins. We wanted the name to sound rhythmic that’s why it’s double", Lorent from the French band laughed. Find out more details.
@11:19 Another finalist is rehearsing. TWIN TWIN from France. Stay tuned we will have a video of their stage perfromance in full length very soon!
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@11:10 After they finish their rehearsal, this year's contestant are usually joining the press. This is will also be the case today. The first press conference will start in 15 minutes and you can follow it LIVE in our Web TV section!
@11:04 Besides the rehearsals in full length videos, today we are also sharing some content we are doing for the first time, this year. Did you already check this "video snack"?
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@10:55 Next to rehearse is Molly from United Kingdom. Molly and her backing vocalists were backstage engaging in a little voice warm up before the rehearsal... the harmonic sound emanated throughout the backstage area.
@10:49 Is It Right that we are going to have a video made during the Elaiza's rehearsal? Yes. Stay tuned! But first let's check some photos.

@10:44 The official 2014 Eurovision Song Contest double CD is already out. You can also get it at http://shop.eurovision.tv!
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@10:40 Did you already check our #AskEurovision videos? Well, you should as some of you are finally getting some answers (posted on our Social media profiles). Here's the question and answer for/from Elaiza! Tell us what you think.
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@10:35 On the arrival to the Eurovision arena, girls from Germany were in a really good mood, obviously enjoying the experience to be part of Europe's Favourite TV Show. "We are going to change a few things for the second rehearsal", the Head of Press of the German delegation, Iris Bents, told Eurovision.tv on arrival at the arena. More details in the following article.
@10:30 First on the Eurovision stage this morning is Elaiza! Do you like this year's entry from Germany?
@10:25 Good morning, Europe! We are at B&W Hallerne already, where everything is almost ready for the First Semi-final of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. However, the artists from Big Five countries: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Spain and Italy are about to rehearse today.
@10:22 Did you check our LIVE coverage of the first Dress Rehearsal at B&W Hallerne? You can still check it out here.

Eurovision.tv LIVE

Here's a video recap of yesterday's first Dress rehearsal of the First Semi-final at B&W Hallene.
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