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[Day 7] The Opening reception at the Copenhagen City Hall

05 May 2014 at 01:02 CEST
Red Carpet for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen Andres Putting (EBU)

@20:35 That's all for tonight! If you missed our LIVE coverage you will find all the content here. But there's also video on demand in our Web TV section.

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@20:29 Among the guests (but also the hosts) is Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor. Among all the questions, Sand tried to explain why are people so crazy about Eurovision, especially outside the Europe. "I think it's because it's a European show and because it's different. There so many different countries taking part, that's what this even makes so special and why 180 million people is watching it every year."

@20:15 Emmelie de Forest the winner of 2013 Eurovision Song Contest gave a short interview during the LIVE broadcast from the Opening ceremony. While talking about her feelings, now one year after her victory in Malmö, she said: "I'm dealing with mixed feelings. Because it's different this time, I don't have to compete, I can relax and enjoy. But Eurovision changed my life. Since we won in Sweden last year, I'm so busy with writing new songs, also for my second album", she said.

@20:13 You can still follow our LIVE stream from Copenhagen, if you want to be a part of the huge crowd close to the red carpet and the Opening reception.

@20:08 Why not have a look at our photo gallery taken at the City Hall to give you a flavour of the glamour and the sense of occasion we are experiencing here.

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@20:04 All Eurovision artists have finally arrived. They can enjoy some free time with other contestants. But still they are being surrounded by a lot of journalists. The fans are also around following the Opening reception at the Copenhagen City Hall!

@19:59 "If you're in love, you are the strongest person in the world. Yes, you will notice the wheel on the stage and it represents the love with no boundaries, that's what's my song is all about", Marya from Ukraine responded to Abdel's remark, why she is having those complex props on the stage.

@19:54 "We want the stage for ourselves. So we don't need any special effects. It's all about the song that we perform and yes, it's some kind of mixture between jazz, folk and classic", the girls from the band Elaiza from Germany said.

@19:50 The next artists we are having on the red carpet is Tinkara Kovač from Slovenia. "I'm not going anywhere without my flute, that's true. The reason for it is that I've noticed that this instrument is not actually being used in the world of pop music that much. So, I thought why not trying it out."

@19:47 "Yes I have a big shell on stage. It represents my life and my life is music. We are cosmic beings in this world and we are all different. My life is music", Valentina Monetta from San Marino explained what's actually going on the stage during her performance.

@19:43 "It's really fanastic experience and what would be also nice to mention is that this year it's 20 years since Russia took part in Eurovision for the very first time", Philipp Kirkorov, a king of pop in Russia explained, while arriving on the red carpet together with the Russian twins.

@19:40 Basim from Denmark is like at home here. "So, how It is to be here, Basim?" - Ohh, this is crazy. I used to walk here, since I could walk I guess and now I'm walking on the red carpet. It's an amazing feeling", Basim said.

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@19:36 The next we are being focused on is Romania! Paula and Ovi already know the feeling of what we call the Eurovision euphoria. But still why again? "We were so close to the first place in 2010 and we liked that taste, so why not trying again", Ovi responded also mentioning that they are bringing something new on the Eurovision stage this time: a round piano and holograms.

@19:33 Suzy from Portugal was also answering some questions on the red carpet. Abdel was wondering how come is the entry completly in Portuguese in her case. "We have to follow some internal rules in Portugal you know. But at the same time, at the beginning of Eurovision history everybody were singing in their own languages. So why not again", Suzy said.

@19:31 Next to join on the red carper were, a very popular Polish girls."Why are people so crazy about you girls?", was one of the Abdel's questions. "I think we have an amazing song, but also because we have beautiful women in Poland", Donatan & Cleo responded.

@19:28 "It was really a good feeling after our seond rehearsal. We could finally say that it was almost perfect and that we are ready for the show. But yes, it feels real even though we didn't have any crowd in arena, just the cameras", Carl Espen from Norway and his team explained.

@19:25 "Oh, I do have a wild temper, that's true, but I deal with that by singing on the stage", Hersi from Albania responded to Abdel's remark, how he heard that she has "a wild temper" and then she sang a bit of opera to the crowd around the red carpet.

@19:22 Ruth from Spain looks lovely tonight. Whilte talking with Abdel she said: "Yes I wrote the song I'm performing and it's in English and Spanish. Why? Well, because I wanted to satisfy everyone", she explained.

@19:19 "Christina, do you have a wild soul?" - "Yes I do have a wild soul and you will see that yourself quite soon. I am ready to go on stage. I was waiting for this moment for so long and I will surely enjoy it", Christina from Moldova said.

@19:14 "Your song is going to be the first one in the Semi Final, are you nerous because of that", the host asked. "It's great to get out there first and to show what you can. We will give our best that's for sure", the guys from Malta (Firelight) explained.

@19:12 Aarzemnieki from Latvia are in great mood, almost like they would "bake a cake". "There are several deeper meanings of our cake song, but you have to figure out that out yourself", the members of Latvian band Aarzemnieki responded.

@19:08 I was distracted by your dress Kasey Smith (Ireland), Abdel said. "Ireland is the biggest winning country in Eurovision, but last year you were the last. What are you going to do about that? - "Hopefully we will do better this year. I've listened all the songs. There are so many good songs", Casey said.

@19:05 Next to join was Emma from Italy. "My first rehearsal went very well. I am very happy and excited to be here. Why I'm singing in Italian? Well, because I'm Italian and I should sing in my mother tongue", Emma replied.

@19:02 A colourful band from Iceland - Pollapönk are wearing dresses tonight. "As women used to fight for the right to wear trousers, it's time to fight for men to wear dresses", the guys explained. "No, but really we are wearing this because we are fighting against any kind of discrimination."

@19:00 András Kállay-Saunders from Hungary is our next Eurovision star on the red carpet. "I don't think that there are any boundaries in music and I guess people will appriciate that I'm bringing the issue like child abuse is."

@18:57 "Everything goes pretty well till now and we hope that it will all go well for Eurovision too", the Greek contestants Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd said and performed their version of Loreen's winning song Eupohoria.

@18:54 The Shin and Mariko from Georgia are next. "We are singing together for the first time that's true. We have never performed as a group before and it sounds pretty good. It looks like a beginning of something new", they've said.

@18:51 "We don't know, how come Finland won only once", the guys from Softengine (Finland) have said and explained that they are being inspired by the alternative music and bands like Coldplay and 30 Second to Mars. "It's alternative rock mainly and indie music."

@18:48 The host of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest are also joining the Opening ceremony! Lise Rønne, Pilou Asbæk and Nikolaj Koppel.

@18:45 Molly from UK talked about how she found out that she will represent UK at Eurovision Song Contest this year. "It was an incredible feeling, especially as I was together with my band and I was not allowed to tell anyone."

@18:42 Tanja from Estonia was trying to explain what's the perfect recipe for writing a good Eurovision entry. "That's a hard question to answer. I dont have a recipe for that to be honest", she replied.

@18:35 F.Y.R. Macedonia is next. Tijana seems to be in a very mood, but this time she was not wearing white glasses. "It's amazing to be on stage with your sister", she said. Her sister Tamara also joined the ceremony on the red carpet. "I'm more relaxed this time and it's much different because I'm performing with my sister. However, this time I'm here to support her."

@18:33 Axel Hirsoux form Belgium is singing a song called Mother. But it seems that the Belgium Eurovision entry is not about Axel's mom. "No. I don't even know why the song is called Mother. This is actually a song for all the people out there", he said.

@18:27 Teo from Belarus also joined the Eurovision artists on the red carpet. While talking about his song, he said: "No, it's not about a cheese-cake. It's about a love between a girl and a boy. They broke up because the guy was treated like a cake."

@18:25 While talking with the host, Dilara Kazimova from Azerbaijan explained: "My song is not a love song only, it has a deeper meaning. I's about the love for a whole humanity."

@18:23 Next to join on the red carpet are TWIN TWIN (France). "We are OK and we say Twin Twin to the crowd. We expect to have a lot's of fun, to make a good show and to dance", they have said and asked the audience to raise hands, while they were beat boxing.

@18:20 "Oh my God, every red carpet and I'm on", Conchita Wurst admitted while being on Eurovision's red carpet. "It's bigger, more glamurous and I have great pleasure being here."

@18:18 "I'm very happy that people like my sympho dub step song", Aram from Armenia said also explaining that MP3 represents his stage name as he is doing musical comedys in his country - Armenia.

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@18:16 Abdel (the Host): "How is to be a solo artists, Sebalter?" "It's a new experience, but it's nice to be surrounded with friends and great musicians", he replied.

@18:15 "Vilija (Lithuania) are you ready for the competition?", Abdel asked. "I will be", she replied respoding to the remark that she was not totally satisfied with her first rehearsal.

@18:14 "I'm sad that there my friends from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia are not here. Hopefully they will be part of Eurovision again next year", Sergej from Montenegro replied to a question: is he representing Balkan this year?

@18:12 The Common Linnets from The Netherlands are next: "It's unbelievable it is incredible journey till now", they said to the host Abdel.

@18:10 "I'm ready for the Semi Final, I can't wait to get on the stage", Mei from Israel said while showing some moves to the host she that she is rehearsing for her stage perfromance.

@18:08 We are going to say hello to Sanna from Sweden too. In a short interview she said: "I just want to be myself and to be as honest as I can while performing and to sing my heart of.f"

@18:07 The first to join the hosts is Emmelie de Forest the winner of 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, but she will be giving an interview a bit later.

@18:03 The Opening reception and the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest have official started NOW!

@17:59 Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, the moderator host of the press conferences, will receive the guests as they arrive on the red carpet, whilst Ulla Essendrop and Peter Falktoft will commentate on the show at the entrance of the City Hall.

@17:55 The delegations will be arriving on the red carpet approximately every three minutes. Here is the scheduled running order, so you can look out for your favourites.

@17:50 The Opening ceremony at Copenhagen City Hall is about to start with the new song from Emmelie de Forest called Rainmaker.

@17:45 Starting 18.00 CET artists start to arrive at the Red Carpet, and so that you don't miss anything we will be starting the live broadcast here at 17:50 CET with Bryan Rice as compere. More in the following article.

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