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Day 6 at the Wiener Stadthalle

16 May 2015 at 02:01 CEST
Another day of rehearsals scheduled for Saturday Andres Putting (EBU)
The countdown to LIVE show continues! Still, the contestants from countries that are participating in Semi-Final Two have rehearsed their performances for the second time on Eurovision stage at the Wiener Stadthalle on Saturday. If you've missed our coverage, don't worry. You can still find all the content in our live story from today!

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Day 5: First Semi-final (second rehearsals)

In case you've missed our live coverage from the Wiener Stadthalle about the Eurovision events happened on Friday and during the week, here you can find all the content.

The first artists to go on the stage at the Wiener Stadthalle at 10:20 CET on Saturday. will be Monika and Vaidas for the second rehearsal of Lithuania. The second rehearsal are shorter, just 20 minutes this time. This is today's full running order of rehearsals.

The last artist on stage will be Monika Kuszyńska, who will finish the second rehearsal of the Poland at around 18:30 CET.

@10:20 Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila from Lithuania are already rehearsing in the Wiener Stadthalle. Soon we will have the first video and photo material of today for you - stay tuned!

Gallery: Molly (Ireland)

@11:01 It was an early morning arrival for Molly Sterling and the Irish delegation which turned out into another strong rehearsal ofPlaying With Numbers at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

@11:45 Their Eurovision song Chain Of Lights is their first joint project and they have fun working together. "We are friends. Our cooperation here is great. Maybe we'll work together after the Eurovision Song Contest, who knows." Anita and Michele, very young San Marinese participants are high hope for peace, as on stage in Vienna they perform a song about peace and unity.

Gallery: Knez (Montenegro)

@12:18 The Eurovision Song Contest has a special meaning for Knežević family. Nenad Knežević Knez knows and follows this event since he was a kid. His father took part in national selections during Yugoslavia times several times. Knez is this year’s representative of Montenegro, performing his song Adiowritten by Željko Joksimović, but also being on stage together with his daughter Ksenija. “I’m a huge Eurovision fan, have always been. You meet a lot of talented people and you get know different cultures. I’m so glad to be here“, Knez told on his way to the second rehearsal.

@12:30 Amber from Matla was back at the Wiener Stadthalle this morning for her second rehearsal of the song Warrior. Once again it seems she has brought the sunshine from the Mediterranean island with her to Vienna.

Gallery: Mørland & Debrah (Norway)

@13:20 Today, Mørland & Debrah Scarlett from Norway returned to the Vienna stage where they rehearsed A Monster Like Mefor the second time. Subtle changes have also been made to the presentation to further enhance it on screen.

@13:59 Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta from the Czech Republic have quickly won the hearts of the press and fans at the Wiener Stadthalle - always cheerful, always happy, always joking. And their good mood also comes across during their stage performance, even though their songHope Never Dies is rather nostalgic.

@14:25 Leonor Andrade, 20, is one of the very young artists participating in this year's Eurovision Song Contest and also an experienced one, as she just showed during her second rehearsal in Vienna today.

Gallery: Nadav (Israel)

@14:58 Nadav Guedj from Israel came back to the Wiener Stadthalle today for his second rehearsal of his upbeat number, Golden Boy. Enthusiastic and colourful, his performance promises to start a party in the arena. 

@15:35 Prior to getting changed into her extremely long red dress that Aminata will wear on stage for her performance of the song Love Injected, she took some time out to chat to Find out what she said below.

@16:20 Elnur Huseynov has already once represented Azerbaijan in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest as a part of the duo Elnur&Samir. This year, the solo singer brought his mystic ballade Hour Of The Wolf to Vienna.

Gallery: Maria (Iceland)

@16:59 Reykjavik would be a great place for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest, but also a big challenge. After all, that's something all Icelanders are hoping for since 1986, when this Nordic island country joined the Europe's Favourite TV Show. Maria Olafs is 22 years old and is a huge Eurovision fan, like almost all her compatriots. "It would be nice if we qualify for the Final, but at the moment I'm only thinking about my rehearsals and a performance," Maria said on her way to the Eurovision stage.

Gallery: Mélanie (Switzerland)

@17:30 Switzerland's Mélanie René returned to the Wiener Stadthalle for her second rehearsal today. After a successful first rehearsal, she was keen to get back into action and perform Time To Shine again. 

@18:02 Third time lucky proved to be right for Måns Zelmerlöw as he managed to win the ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest in his third attempt; and lucky is also his starting position in the second Semi-Final, as 13 is his favourite number.

Gallery: Maraaya (Slovenia)

@18:55 Marjetka, the singer of Maraaya is recognizable through her trademark, the studio headphones. On stage, she supported by her friend and husband. And together they create a great atmosphere, concentrating on Marjetka’s distinctive voice and her face expression.

@18:57 One Thing Should Have Doneis the title of the Cypriot entry, and the singer John Karayiannis, had more than one thing to do this afternoon at the Wiener Stadthalle prior to his second rehearsal. We had a look at some of the things an artist has to do before going on stage.

@19:10 Monika Kuszyńska is the last one to rehearse today in the Wiener Stadthalle. Her song In The Name Of Love is all about love, romance, and positive energy, and the stage setting well depicts that. She will not only sing, she also wrote the lyrics of the song herself, while her husband Kuba Raczyński composed the Polish entry. So it definitely is one of the most personal and heart-felt pieces of music in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

@20:02 Here is a complete summary of today's events at the Wiener Stadthalle, including the playlist with all videos of the (second) rehearsals of SF2.