Day 4: 10 more countries take to the Düsseldorf stage

Of the final Second Semi-Final participants, the first country to take to the stage today was Bulgaria, followed by 9 further rehearsals. 

After this FYR Macedonia, Israel, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark and Ireland all took their turn to experience the huge stage at the Düsseldorf Arena for the first time. 

Tomorrow artists from the First Semi-Final will once again come to the arena for their second rehearsals. These are Poland, Norway, Albania, Armenia, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Switzerland, Georgia, Finland, Malta, San Marino and Croatia. The rehearsals will be a little bit shorter tomorrow at approximately 30 minutes each. 

Once again, we will have our team of editors, professional photographers and video crew in place to bring you all the latest news and insight from the arena and just to keep you in suspense, keep an eye out for some exclusive backstage features in the coming days. 

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