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[Day 11] The Second Semi-Final live from Copenhagen #JoinUs!

09 May 2014 at 04:47 CEST

@01:45 We will end up our LIVE story for tonight with a new edition of Eurovision Headlines. Did you enjoy the show? What do you think about the outcome of the Second Semi-Final? Tell us what you think.

@01:35 We can now reveal the running order for the Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place this Saturday in Copenhagen. More details in the following article.

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@00:55 More news to come. We will have the running order for the Grand Final of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest soon. Stay tuned!

@00:35 So much joy and happiness in the Green room, right after it was clear that they made it to the Grand Final! Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!

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@00:20 The last among tonight's winners is Conchita from Austria. "Oh my God. I was having a feeling that it will be Mei from Israel, because she was stunning", she said. "It's not just about being a part of gay community you know, I recieved a great support from many people and I'm very thankful and about the beird, I'm not going to shave it. I don't want to be a women, I'm a lazy boy back at home". Austria is among the entries in the first half in Saturday's final.

@00:14 Softengine are the newcomers in their country - Finland. They are more than happy because they made it to the Final but also very tired. While talking about the successful format for the national selection in the last few years, the head of Finish delegaton explained: "We will continue with the show, but we have to think about changing the format maybe in order to make it good". (Finland is in the second half of the Grand Final).

@00:09 Teo from Belarus was next: "Tonight, I’m not just a cake, I’m a man. We prepare very well in Belarus, that’s probably why we are getting in the final in last few years", he said. Belarus will be among the acts in the first half.

@00:04 “Yes, we are a small country, but we have a big character. I think this is a good year for Malta. We are looking forward seeing you in Malta for the Junior Eurovision this year", that was the statement of Firelight and Maltese delegation. They will be performing in second half in the Final.

@00:01 "We wanted this to be a movement and to make people stand up, to be positive and creative. We keep saying this phrase Rise Up, because it’s also stuck in our heads", the guys from Greece, Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd explained. They will be performing in the first half on Saturday.

@23:57 The next to share his feelings about tonight's show was Carl Epsen from Norway: "The seconds before they have said that Norway is in the final was nerve breaking for me, but we are proud that we are in. This will be remembered as a very important moment". Norway will be among the acts in the first half of the Grand Final.

@23:52 'For us it’s great to be part of Eurovision again. It is different in comparing with 2010, but still we made to the final back then and this year again. We are getting closer and nobody can’t stop you from dreaming. If we win, I will personally show you around, when you come to Romania”, Paula and Ovi said. On Saturday they will perform in the first half.

@23:48 "Feeling great, it’s like a magic really. Don’t you think that we have a great song, it’s not about girls only, it’s about the music", the Polish girls responded to a question don't they think that they won the battle against those who believe that their song is sexist.

@23:45 "When I went on stage I had this feeling that all the people in Slovenia are with me. I'm glad we are finally in the final after so many years", Tinkara Kovač from Slovenia said. She will also be performing in the second half on Saturday.

@23:40 "I’m glad that we were the first among the chosen countries tonight, that prevented a possibility of me getting a heart attack", Sebalter from Switzerland said (he is going to perform in the Final in the second half.

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@23:37 The press conference of the 10 finalists has just started!

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@23:04 Tonight's winners are going to join the press in 15 minutes. You can follow the joint press conference too. You can find the LIVE stream in our Web TV section or just click here.


@23:01 The show is over and the list with all the contestants in the Grand Final on Saturday is now complete! Any thoughts and comments?


@22:58 POLAND is in the Final too and SLOVENIA, GREECE, BELARUS.

@22:57 Next finalist is: ROMANIA

@22:56 So, it's time to announce ten more finalists! First country qualified for the Grand Final is: SWITZERLAND!

@22:54 While we are waiting for the results, let's check some high quality photos we made during the stage performances of the contestants in the Second Semi-Final

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@22:50 Let's check out what's going on in the EBU's lounge! Jon Ola Sand, the executive superviser of the Eurovision Song Contest said that the results will be ready soon. What do you think, who is going to qualify tonight? Any favourites?

@22:48 It's time to present this year's Eurovision entries from the Big Six countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK and Denmark. Have you already heard these songs? You can check them out on our official Youtube channel.


@22:45 More amusing moments LIVE from the Green room. Lisa is hanging out with Conchita from Austria, revealing some crazy details about her personal life, like that Conchita's father named a sausage after her. True or false, what do you think?


@22:41 One more Eurovision Book of Records video this time about the higest note! Any idea who will get that award? Here's a hint.

@22:39 It's time for some moments in the Green room! Lisa really gave her best to find some private details about the artists that hardly anyone else knows. You think it's impossible, well check it out!

@22:35 Well, we are counting the last seconds till the voting ends. Hopefully, you already gave your vote to some of the contestants in the Second Semi-Final

@22:30 By the way, the song you can hear at the moment while the chosen dancers do those amazing moves is called "Calabria" and it's written by Danish producer Rune. It was co-produced by Rune's half-brother Johannes Torpe and originally released in 2003 by Credence. The name "Calabria" is the name of a region in southern Italy.

@22:25 The tagline of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is "Join Us". And that's why we asked all of you guys out there to send us a video of yourselves dancing. DR received thousands of great video, that's why this year's host broadcaster invited the 26 most charismatic dancers, to "join" on the Eurovision stage. Their performance is also going to be a part of the show! Stay tuned.

@22:20 After a recap of 15 competing songs, Australians are going to take over the Eurovision stage. It’s time for an interval act featuring some well known cliches from down under and a performance from Jessica Mauboy. Should Australia take part and compete among all the countries, what do you think?

@22:19 One more view on the stage from the crowd in this year's Eurovision venue!

@22:18 One more interesting detail: if you would like to be a part of this year's Eurovision euphoria, use your favourite Social media platforms - our official hashtag is #Eurovision. The competition is certainly serious, but your comments are what make it fun!

@22:17 Now, it’s time for you to vote dear Eurovision fans! Don’t forget that you can also use our app for that purpose.

@22:15 So, any favourites? Who are you going to vote tonight? Who would you like to qualify for the Grand Final?

@22:12 ROMANIA is performing the last tonight. Many people would say that it’s the best position in the running order. True or false, their second Eurovision entry is called Miracle, no wonder they decided to play with holograms this time. It look like Paula Seling “appears” on two sides of the stage. Her male counterpart OVI plays a round piano, another first in Eurovision history! What do you think?

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@22:07 Second last in the Second Semi-Final is SLOVENIA's Tinkara Kovač and her third-arm extension as she likes to say, her flute. There’s one interesting details about that instrument by the way. It is a gift from Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson. The song Round And Round / Splet is set in blue and dark colours. We really enjoyed those parts in Slovene, Tinkara!

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@22:04 GREECE has a number 13 this year and they have prepared an exciting stage performance for their song Rise Up and rise up it is \ while they are performing or better said risking their fortunes with a trampoline. Still, Freaky Fortune & RiskyKidd have a good dancefloor groove. Let’s dance for a change :)

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@22:00 Yet another Eurovision Book of Records video this time about the most... licks! Who would say that Johnny Logan keep this record. Wow, 30 times he managed to lick his lips during the performance, amazing!

@21:57 Time to swing and whistle with Sebalter from SWITZERLAND while he is hunting for stars on the Eurovision stage. First you hear a whistle in the B&W Hallerne, then it multiplies and finally it invades the whole atmosphere at the venue. He just can't stop, either moving around the stage, playing the violin and of course performing his song. Hopefully you can feel the good mood in arena too.

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@21:52 Black seems to be popular this Eurovision season as Tijana from F.Y.R. MACEDONIA is also having a black suit and her backing singers. However, a male dancer is fully in white, with a hoodie, moving around the singers to the beat of the uplifting dance track To The Sky. Do you like it?

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@21:48 Teo from BELARUS and his four backing male vocalists are performing as tenth contestants in the second round of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. They are all wearing “smart” black suits with varying degrees of "casualty". And have their cool routine for the song Cheesecake.

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@21:44 Another change of sound and rhythm. IRELAND's group Can-Linn come next with their beautiful singer Kasey Smith dressed in gold as they perform the pop rnb song Heartbeat filled with Irish ethnic images and sounds. What is your favourite song in the Second Semi Final? Let us know.

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@21:42 There is one more video we would like to share, while we are enjoying Irish entry. Vocal trainings are unavoidable. If you want to sound perfect on stage, you need to practise a lot. Here's how Kasey's vocal training looks / sounds like!

@21:40 The next one is for all the girls out there! They are young and talented. Softengine come from FINLAND and we could surely say that those guys definitely have promising careers, whatever happens in tonight’s show. We really enjoyed seeing them storm the stage with some lighting effects for their track Something Better full of energy and attitude!

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@21:37 Attention! It's not only our call for your interest in a song number seven, it is also its title. Vilija and her dancer give a full dancing routine for the LITHUANIAN song and their very special stage costumes! Still, this entry has a quite serious message – more attention and rights to a woman.

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@21:34 One of the most talked about Eurovision participant is up next! Conchita Wurst from AUSTRIA. It is another powerful vocal rendition for Rise Like A Phoenix, only adorned on stage by some fire images, both on the LED screens and as pyro effects, following the lyrics of her song. 

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@21:32 The first Eurovision Book of Records video in the second Semi-Final is about the claps. Who made the most claps on stage in the history of the competition? 

@21:30 Dear Eurovision fans, if you would like to see one of these first five songs in the final on Saturday, remember to call and vote or to send a text message - but not before the last song has been performed!

@21:28 The number five in the Second Semi-Final is POLAND and their ethno-dance track about the Slavic Girls, My Slowianie, performed on stage by Cleo and her girls while Donatan waits for them in the backstage. He was just in charge of creating and producing the song not appearing on the Eurovision stage.

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@21:24 The GEORGIAN band The Shin surprised everyone with the stage performance of their Three Minutes To Earth involving a dancer in a parachute playing a drum! Featuring vocals is the singer Mariko, who is wearing a colourful long green outfit. It sounds like the pop music meets Georgian traditional sounds. What do you think?

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@21:21 A third act for tonight is coming from NORWAY. It’s an heartfelt ballad Silent Storm performed by Carl Espen. At the beginning, spotlights shine down on Norwegian singer as the song builds, images of dark moving waves appear on the giant LED screens at the back of the stage. The waves also move cleverly with the tempo of the song; as it builds they swell bigger and higher. At the end spots light up from the back of the stage ending with what resembles a starry night scene, form the walls surrounding the stage. 

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@21:18 ISRAEL is up next represented by Mei Finegold this year and accopanied by two female dancers delivering a lively performance of the pop-rock-dance tune Same Heart. “It's been a childhood dream of mine and I never believed that, one day, I would really stand on this stage”, she told us before the show.

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@21:17 Next to perform is Mei. In an interview for she promised 'a hell of a show'! Check it out.

@21:15 First to perform is MALTATheir folkish-pop bend Firelight opens the second round of the Eurovision’s competition this year with their entry Coming Home. The country-side backdrop is joined by several selfies in the cubes of the stage adding a more familiar touch to it. Do you like this year’s song from Malta and their stage performance?

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@21:13 To introduce each country this year DR, the host broadcaster asked all the artists to create their flag out of something that they love or feel describes them as people.

@21:11 The voting will not begin until the last song has been performed, but we promise we'll let you know when that is. If you log on to, you can also download our app. Using this you can follow live updates from the show, and later you can use it to vote as well.

@21:09 Tonight 15 nations are competing on the Eurovision stage, but it’s up to viewers which countries which 10 songs will qualify for the Grand Final as the expert juries gave their votes yesterday during the second Dress Rehearsal.

@21:07 "We have an exciting night ahead of us - a celebration of music from all over Europe, and a show that the whole world is now watching", Lise Rønne said announcing that Australia is also going to join the show, for the very first time!

@21:05 But first a few words about the Opening act. What you have just seen was a performance based on Jacob Gade's “Tango Jalousie” from 1925, the most well-known Danish hit ever. It was demonstrated musically and visually in the giant steel cube on stage and the set design in general.

@21:03 The millions of viewers across Europe (and beyond) are going to be welcomed by three hosts like in the First Semi Final: Lise Rønne, Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk. By clicking on their names you can find out more about this year’s Eurovision hosts.

@21:01 Good evening, Europe! Ready for the Second Semi-Final of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and another amazing 15 Eurovision acts? Even we you are watching tonight’s show, you can follow our LIVE coverage from the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen that team prepares eleventh day in a row! #JoinUs and tell us who is your favourite tonight!

@20:59 You know that you can watch tonight's show LIVE in our Web TV section too, right?


@20:51 The Second Semi-Final LIVE from Copenhagen is about to start. Once again, here's a list of acts you will be watching tonight! Any favourites?

MALTA: Coming Home performed by Firelight
Same Heart performed bMei Finegold
Silent Storm performed by Carl Espen 
Three Minutes to Earth performed by The Shin and Mariko
My Słowianie - We Are Slavic performed by Donatan & Cleo
Rise Like a Phoenix performed by Conchita Wurst
Attention performed by Vilija MatačiÅ«naitė
Something Better performed by Softengine
Heartbeat performed by Can-Linn feat Kasey Smith
Cheesecake performed by Teo
F.Y.R. MACEDONIA: To The Sky performed by Tijana
SWITZERLAND: Hunter Of Stars performed by Sebalter
GREECE: Rise Up performed by Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd
SLOVENIA: Round And Round performed by Tinkara Kovač
ROMANIA: Miracle performed by Paula Seling & OVI

@20:40 This looks amazing. Thousands of fans are slowely arriving in the B&W Hallerne. Here's a snapshot we made a minute ago.

@20:29 video guys are all over the arena filming everything that might be interesting for all the fans out there. While we are waiting tonight's show to being, let's another great video we called: Poland meets Germany!

@20:22 Let's check what's the atmosphere like outside of the arena. There are a lot of fans waiting in cues to attend the Second Semi-Final.

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@20:14 During tonight's show, you will be able to see few more clips about the Eurovision Book of Records. Here's one video we can show you right now. Enjoy!

@20:00 There are just 59 minutes and 59 seconds left! 

@19:45 It's rainining in Copenhagen, but that will not stop us to have fun! If you still didn't print out the scoreboard for the Second Semi-Final, you don't have much time left.


@18:31 Getting ready? What's the atmosphere like, where you usually watch Eurovision Song Contest? With friends, familly? Predicting the results? Tell us your Eurovision story! We would really like to know.

@18:02 What a lovely view on this year's Eurovision venue from this perspective, right?

@17:39 After tonight's 10 qualifiers have been chosen, they will take part in a press conference where they will choose in which half of the Grand Final they will perform. After this work will get underway by host broadcaster, DR and the EBU to set the running order for Saturday night's show. You can find more details in the following article.

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@17:22 Who are you going to support tonight? Any favourite Eurovision tracks this year? Let us know!

@17:15 For the very first time we will be having the Green room based on Social media content. Check it out. It looks really cool and you can take part too.

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@17:07 There will be more VIP's in B&W Hallerne tonight! Some of them you are probably going to notice during the show. You recognize these two, right?

@16:52 Dear Eurovision fans, we are uploading new content constantly and updating this LIVE coverage from B&W Hallerne, so refresh the page once in a while, in order to see what's new!

@16:45 Australia is taking part in Eurovision Song Contest. Well, not competing, but still their lovely Jessica Mauboy will be performing (as Interval act). Here's a sneak peek from the rehearsal! Would you like Australia to participate in Eurovision among all the other countries?

@16:35 In the meantime, let's listen to this year's Eurovision songs! If you are not using Spotify, you can download all the entries on iTunes and/or Google play.

@16:27 The last (Dress) rehearsal is almost over. We are going to have a short break, but then back with much more content and LIVE coverage of the Second Semi-Final, that you can also watch on in our Web TV section!

@16:20 Don't forget that every vot countes! Have you heard what happened in the First Semi-Final? More details in the following article.

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@16:12 It seems like our Eurovision Matchmaker has a huge success! You don't know what it is? Check it out.


@16:05 While we are checking out the last Dress Rehearsal before tonight's show, why not watching the recap that will give you a flavour of the performances we will all be enjoying it live from Copenhagen.

@15:59 If you are already in Copenhagen and planning to #JoinUs in B&W Hallerne, you can also take a harbour bus. It's a very pleasant way to approach the Eurovision island!

@15:51 Did you watch any of our "video snacks" we made with all the contestants? We have a few more that we would like to share. Any comments?

@15:44 Excited? There are five hours left until the Second Semi-Final and another great 15 Eurovision acts!

@15:37 How do you usually follow any of the Eurovision shows? On TV, on your computer, tablet or on the smartphone? And do you already have a scoreboard for tonight's show? Well, if not, you can download it right here.


@15:29 We produced so much video content this year. You will get the best picture what's going on behing the scenes, if you check our new edition of Eurovision Headlines!

@15:20 However, we have some special guests in the audience during the last rehearsal already! Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat is also watching the Eurovision Song Contest.

@15:13 As we don't want to repeat ourselves, you can find all the details about tonight's show in the following article.

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@15:05 However if you missed the First Semi-Final, you know that you can stil catch up what's going on in Copenhagen during 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, watch it in our Web TV section, anytime you like. 


@15:01 We are counting hours before the Second Semi-Final and you? Any favourites among the participants in tonight's show? Let us know!

Second Semi Final | 8th of May

MALTA: Coming Home performed by Firelight
Same Heart performed bMei Finegold
Silent Storm performed by Carl Espen 
Three Minutes to Earth performed by The Shin and Mariko
My Słowianie - We Are Slavic performed by Donatan & Cleo
Rise Like a Phoenix performed by Conchita Wurst
Attention performed by Vilija MatačiÅ«naitė
Something Better performed by Softengine
Heartbeat performed by Can-Linn feat Kasey Smith
Cheesecake performed by Teo
F.Y.R. MACEDONIA: To The Sky performed by Tijana
SWITZERLAND: Hunter Of Stars performed by Sebalter
GREECE: Rise Up performed by Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd
SLOVENIA: Round And Round performed by Tinkara Kovač
ROMANIA: Miracle performed by Paula Seling & OVI