[Day 10] One more Dress Rehearsal at the B&W Hallerne! #JoinUs!

@22:55 The expert juries from the 15 participating countries (in the Second Semi Final) and Germany, UK and Italy, have watched the second Dress Rehearsal tonight and according to Jon Ola Sand, the Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, they have evaluated all the song and gave their votes.

*Each jury is comprised of five members, (including a chairperson) who will be the same jurors in the Final. They will be monitored by an independent notary in each country. The EBU's televoting partner Digame will merge the points given by the jury and the televoters tomorrow night per individual country.

@20:30 In half an hour, the Jury show for the Second Semi-Final will start, where 50% of the votes will be decided by juries all over Europe (15+3 particpating countries). The other 50% will be down to YOU at home tomorrow night!

@20:01 You have probably already heard that the European Broadcasting Union and the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group have decided to reveal the names of the national jurors who will be voting in the Grand Final and one respective Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in advance to create more openness. If you didn't check that list and you are interested to see the names of the jury members in your country, you can find it here.

SEE THE FULL LIST (updated on 7th of May)

@19:45 One more time, let's see the recap of all the performances in the Second Semi Final.

@18:42 We just have a need to say...

@18:20 We mentioned earlier today, that Australia is going to take part in Eurovision for the first time. However, their Jessica Mauboy will not compete. Her peformance will be one of the interval acts tomorrow. But you can already see how it will look like here.

@17:58 Our video guys were  very busy during today's first Dress Rehearsal of the Second Semi-Final, in order to provide the best video footage from the backstage. One of the videos if finally online! Check it out, and let us know what you think.

@17:29 Did you notice a clip about the "regular day in Copenhagen" last night during the First Semi Final od 2014 Eurovision Song Contest? Even if you did, you can also watch it on our Youtube channel once again. It's hilourios, isn't it?

@17:18 It take a lot of preparations to make the stage performances look great. Let's check out what was going on in the backstage, during the first Dress Rehearsal.

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@17:07 Dear Eurovision fans, did you check this one out! Once again, keep in mind every vote counts - literally! More information in the following article.

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@16:59 The first Dress Rehearsal of the Second Semi Final is over! But stay tuned, we will have more content to share. If you want to find out more about the contestant in this Semi Final. Check out the country profiles and/or thos of the participants.

Second Semi Final | 8th of May


@16:45 One more Eurovision Book of Records video this time about the higest note! Any idea who will get that award?

@16:38 The tagline of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is "Join Us". And that's why we asked all of you guys out there to send us a video of yourselves dancing. DR received thousands of great video, that's why this year's host broadcaster invited the 26 most charismatic dancers, to "join" on the Eurovision stage. Their performance is also going to be a part of the show!

@16:32 After a recap of the songs it is time for the Australian interval act featuring some well known cliches from down under and a performance from Jessica Mauboy.

@16:27 Let's check what's the atmosphere in the arena like at the moment. Here's are some photos we would like to share with all the fans out there. Enjoy and tell us what you think.

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@16:24 If you would like to be a part of this year's Eurovision euphoria, use your favourite Social media platforms - our official hashtag is Eurovision. The competition is certainly serious, but your comments are what make it fun!

@16:19 There's nothing like the sight of 11.000 people celebrating together in one place and tha'ts how many fans are expected on Thursday in B&W Hallerne.

@16:15 ROMANIA's is the last song in the running for the second Semi-Final with the song Miracle and some magic appearance by Paula Seling, the female part of the duo. Her male counterpart Ovi plays a round piano, another first in Eurovision history!

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@16:10 Second last is SLOVENIA's Tinkara Kovac and her third-arm extension, her flute, as she called it. It is a gift from Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson especially for Tinkara. The song Round And Round is set in blue and dark colours.

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@16:06 GREECE has a number 13 in the Second Semi-Final and they prepared an exciting stage performance for their song Rise Up and rise up is what they certainly do while performing risking their fortunes with a trampoline.

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@16:03 Yet another Eurovision Book of Records video this time about the most... licks! Do you wanna know who keeps that record? Well we keep that one until the show scheduled for tomorrow at 21:00 CET!

@15:59 Time to swing and whistle with Sebalter from SWITZERLAND while he is hunting for stars in song number eleven. He just can't stop, either moving around the stage, playing the violing and of course performing his song.

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@15:54 And also dressed in a black suit are Tijana from F.Y.R. MACEDONIA and her backing singers while a male dancer is full in white, with a hoodie, moving around the singers to the beat of the uplifting dance track To The Sky.

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@15:50 Teo from BELARUS and his four backing boys are performing from number 10 in this second Semi-Final. They're dressing smart black suits with varying degrees of "casualty". And have their cool routine for the song Cheesecake.

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@15:47 IRELAND's group Can-Linn come next with their beautiful singer Kasey Smith dressed in gold as they perform the pop song Heartbeat filled with Irish ethnic images and sounds

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@15:43 Following this come FINLAND and the rock band Softengine storm the stage wth lighting effects for the song Something Better at number eight full of energy and attitude! What is your favourite song in the Second Semi Final? Let us know.

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@15:39 Attention! It's not only our call for your interest in a song number seven, it is also its title. Vilija and her dancer give a full dancing routine for the LITHUANIAN song and their very special stage costumes!

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@15:36 One of the most talked about performers is up next, Conchita Wurst from AUSTRIA. It is another powerful vocal rendition for Rise Like A Phoenix, only adorned on stage by some fire images, both on the LED screens and as pyro effects.

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@15:32 The first Eurovision Book of Records video in the second Semi-Final is about the claps. Who made the most claps on stage in the history of the competition? You'll have to wait until tomorrow to know the answer.

@15:29 The number five in this Semi is for POLAND and their ethno-dance hit about Slavic Girls, My Slowianie, performed on stage by Cleo and her girls while Donatan waits for them backstage. He was just in charge of creating and producing the song and won't appear on stage.

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@15:24 The GEORGIAN band The Shin surprised everyone with the stage performance of Three Minutes To Earth involving a dancer in a parachute playing a drum! Featuring vocals is the singer Mariko, who is wearing a colourful long green outfit

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@15:20 Number three in the second Semi-Final is NORWAY with the heartfelt ballad Silent Storm and a strong vocal performance by Carl Espen. Carl is joined on stage by one male pianist and 4 female fiddlers. Ths stage is dark and blue during Norway's song

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@15:17 ISRAEL is up next represented by Mei Finegold accopanied by two female dancers delivering a lively performance of the rock-dance tune Same Heart filling the hall with a yellow/golden ambience.

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@15:14 Just that you know, the participants of the Second Semi Final are having a very young audience in arena today! There is a lot of kids in B&W Hallerne at the moment, taking part in Eurovision School Contest.

@15:12 First to perform is MALTA: Malta opens the second Semi-Final show with the brother in the band Firelight and the folkie-pop sounding Coming Home. The country-side backdrop is soon joined by several selfies in the cubes of the stage adding a more familiar touch to it.

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@15:10 If you are wondering what will be an opening act in the Semi Second Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, it's the a performance based on Jacob Gade's “Tango Jalousie” from 1925, the most well-known Danish hit ever. It will be demonstrated musically and visually in the giant steel cube on stage and the set design in general.

@15:07 "We have an exciting night ahead of us - a celebration of music from all over Europe, and a show that the whole world is now watching", Lise Rønne said announcing that Australia is also going to join the show, for the very first time!

@15:05 The millions of viewers across Europe and beyond are going to be welcomed by three hosts like in the First Semi Final. Lise Rønne, Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk.

@15:01 And the Dress Rehearsal of the Second Semi Final is on! Stay tuned.

@14:59 What about listening all the Eurovision entries? You can download them on iTunes and Google Play, but you can listen them online on Spotify!

@14:50 We will be following today's Dress Rehearsal in details as well. So #JoinUs! But in the meantime, did you already check this year's years Eurovision Matchmaker, because you should. It's so much fun!


@14:45 So, are you excited about the first Dress Rehearsal of the Second Semi Final? It's going to start at 15:00 CET.

@14:41 TDC (the leading Danish telecommunications company) is the Presenting Partner of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Check their video coverage after the First Semi Final!

@14:38 Here's another way to find out what was going on last night, but not only on the stage! Our Eurovision Headlines are bringing you a bit of atmosphere from B&W Hallerne: while the fans were arriving and artists preparing for the show.

@14:34 If you missed the show, you know that you can stil watch it in our Web TV section, right? 


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@14:30 Did you watch the First Semi Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest last night? We have our first ten finalists (besides Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain and Denmark). Any thoughts or comments? Tell us what you think.

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