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Day 1 at the Wiener Stadthalle concludes

11 May 2015 at 12:30 CEST
This year's Eurovision stage Andres Putting (EBU)
[Updated@20:05] A very first "hard working day" in Wiener Stadthalle is behind eight delegations who were checking out the Eurovision facilities today and the artists from those eight countries were rehearsing their performances on stage for the very first time. If you want to find out more about what was going on the first day at this year’s Eurovision venue, join us, check out our developing story!

@10:30 Good morning, Europe & Australia! team is already at the Wiener Stadthalle, this year's Eurovision venue, waiting for the first rehearsals to start.

@10:37 The first artist to get up on the stage at the Winer Stadthalle at 12:00 CET will be Eduard Romanyuta for the first rehearsal of Moldova.

@10:44 This is today's full running order of rehearsals:


@10:50 In the meantime, check out our video: Eurovision in figures!

@11:05 Don't forget: we're waiting for your questions to today's scheduled artists on our social media platforms with #AskEurovision or in the comments here.

@11:18 Over 1,700 journalists from over 50 countries will be using the Press Centre facilities over the next two weeks. Yesterday, at the Wiener Stadthalle, this year's Eurovision Press Centre was officially open.

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@13:15 The Armenian band Genealogy have just finished their first rehearsal. Check out our live footage below - you will see how they arrived at the arena, and what effects they have used on stage!

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@14:59 Right before her first sound check and rehearsal on the Eurovision stage, we met up with Trijntje from The Netherlands in the backstage area and it seems like it’s already decided what she will be wearing on the 19th of May – an elegant black dress with an open front.

@16:00 Have you checked out our footage with the Finnish band already? They've just had their first rehearsal in the Wiener Stadthalle just now. And guess what: Their song is the shortest ever in Eurovision Song Contest history, at just 85 seconds!

@18:29 Have you ever thought, "how can I learn the choreography to the Belgian song?". Well, your in luck! Check out our video below!

@19:10 Maria-Elena from Greece will be accompanied on stage by the co-composer of the songOne Last Breath, Efthivoulos Theocharous, and two additional backing vocalists off stage. The whole effect of the song One Last Breath is mysterious and melancholic, and develops into vocally into to a dramatic climax, and visually she is aided in the drama by a wind machine.

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@19:50 Estonia's Elina Born & Stig Rästa spoke to us today backstage, including telling us how they felt about their dressing room, which is numbered 13! Unlucky for some, lucky for others?

@20:11 If you missed the Meet & Greet conferences we have broadcasted live via our WebTV, you can still check them all in the following playlist. Take a look and let us know what you think.

@20:22 That's all for today! The Wiener Stadthalle is about to be closed but only till tomorrow. Join us again on Tuesday morning, when we will have more Eurovision news and exclusive content to share with all the Eurovision fans across the globe! Good night, Europe & Australia!

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