Daria in the mood to celebrate

Exciting times for Daria

Daria arrived on Saturday evening, which allowed her some extra time to prepare for today's first rehearsal, before going on stage she said that she has been doing some exercises and drinking a lot of water. Even though she was born and raised in Germany, she hasn't been to Düsseldorf before. Daria saw the stage for the first time today and told Eurovision.tv backstage about how she felt, "I'm excited! I hadn't seen the stage before, apart from the sketches of the design. I think it's really big! I'm always in the celebrating mood! When I hear the song, it's great."

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First use of the catwalk

The stage setting has a disco feel to it, with a DJ at his decks, which are with silver and purple strands. There are four female backing vocalists. Daria is today wearing a short black dress with a gold band running down the middle of it.

The DJ leaves his decks to dance and gyrate around Daria during the start of the song, and again joins her at the climax of the performance. Croatia are the first country to make use of the catwalk as Daria's dress suddenly turns pink she celebrates with the crowd. At the end of the performance the dress changes again in to a long silver one.


Multi national team

The Croatian team were introduced in their press conference as a multi national one, the backing singers are from Rijeka in Croatia, the DJ/illusionist is from Russia and Daria herself was born in Germany, living in Austria and representing Croatia.

Daria explained that she found out about the Croatian selection process by looking on the internet, and was chosen as one of 24 finalists. Week by week she progressed, and went on to beat Jacques Houdek in the final.

A mini acapella concert

When asked about how Daria copes with the costume changes and singing at the same time, she replied "We had a lot of rehearsals in Zagreb before coming here, we tried it out and it's working, I am singing, dancing a little bit and changing, it's not difficult now we practiced"

Daria and her backing singers performed a number of songs in acapella, including some in the German and Russian languages. At one stage they even passed a microphone to a journalist to join in singing with them!.

Daria is searching for a flat in Croatia, and plans to move there full time since her victory in the Dora 2011 festival as she is very popular with the public there.

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Daria's background

As an 11-year old Daria regularly attended a music school in Vienna and also performed in musical productions such as Chicago and Cats. In Vienna she was going to piano and singing classes and taking voice coaching lessons,  Daria also studied at the Viennese conservatory Franz Schubert Konservatorium. Daria has tried out various musical genres and finally chose pop music.

Daria has always taken home first prizes from various talent competitions. So far she performed live at Puls TV and taken part in various concerts and productions. Apart from Chicago and Cats, she also appeared in Hair, Jekyll & Hyde, Little Shop Of Horrors and at solo concerts. At the age of 22, she got her management degree in Vienna, with a thesis entitled "Opening A Musical Event Agency In Croatia”.

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