Daria (Croatia) 2nd press conference

Her magician Sergej will be orchestrating her rapid 3-fold costume change during the performance.

On Sunday she will also be offering a performance together with other international bands at Rudos Studios in the Düsseldorf Harbour District. She will be singing songs from her repertoire which are very different from Celebrate.

Daria makes clear that she plans to attend many parties between now and her next rehearsal on Monday.  She has already gone into Düsseldorf to do some fine dining and shopping “with the girls”. Her mother also just arrived today to support her.

At her 2nd press conference she demonstrated her ability to move her stomach muscles rhythmically through special breathing and muscle flexing exercises her belly dancing teacher had taught her. She also sang an acappella rendition of Abba's “Mama Mia”.

Rapturous applause greeted a press conference announcement that Celebrate had just hit No. 1 on the Croatian radio charts.

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