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Danish TV reveals finalists!

It's only three weeks left till Denmark will select its entry for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Today, after a lot of speculation, the lucky ten songs were disclosed in a press conference held by DR in Copenhagen. Out of 684 submissions, Danish TV selected six songs and singers while the other four were directly commissioned:

  • Trine Jepsen - I Never Fall In Love Again  - written by Claes Andreasson,Torbjörn Wassenius, Johan Sahlén and Niels Kvistborg
  • Jeppe - Lucky Boy - written by Jeppe Laursen
  • Marie Carmen Koppel - Crying Out Your Name - written by Marie Carmen Koppel and Dan Hemmer
  • Sukkerchock - Det Det - written by Lasse Lindorff, Mogens Binderup and Lise Cabble
  • Jimmy Jørgensen - Alice In The Wonderland - written by Mikael Erlandsson, Torbjørn Wassenius, Claes Andreasson and Birgitte Rye
  • Hera Björk - Someday - written by Christina Schilling, Jonas Gladnikoff, Henrik Szabo and Daniel Nilsson
  • Claus Christensen - Big Bang Baby - written by Troels Holdt, Lars Malm and Lise Cabble
  • Johnny Deluxe - Sindssyg - written by Noam Halby, Jakob Glæsner and Peter Kvint
  • Christina Undhjem - Underneath My Skin - written by Mads Haugaard and Brian Risberg Clausen
  • Niels Brinck - Believe Again - written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin M. Larsson and Ronan Keating

An interesting name in the Danish final is Irish Ronan Keating who's had a string of hits both solo as well as a member of Boyzone and who has co-composed the song Believe Again. Furthermore, Ronan was one of the presenters of the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest which took place in Dublin's The Point.

Melodi Grand Prix, Denmark's national final for Europe's favourite musical event is one of the most watched shows on Danish TV every year. It will be hosted by Felix Smith and Birthe Kjær - the latter being a successful Eurovision Song Contest veteran herself, coming 3rd in the 1989 contest. Last year's Danish winner, Simon Mathew managed to qualify for the grand final in Belgrade with his song All Night Long where he ultimately reached the 15th place.

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