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Danish final wins coveted award

26 August 2011 at 00:36 CEST

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix has always been one of the more popular national finals and in Denmark is a huge event every year, where people all over the country watch and decide who should represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

This year, it became official. Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 won the award for best television event at the annual Television Awards (TV-Priserne), held at the Tivoli Congress Hall in Copenhagen. 

There was tough competition, coming ahead of Zulu Awards and Zulu Comedy Galla, which are also very popular television events in Denmark. 

The category of "best television event" is arguably the most coveted of all the 26 awards handed out after a two day meeting of television and film professionals. The motivation for giving the award to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was:

"Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is a national event. The production must encapture the expectations of an entire population with a huge blast of an event - and that's what we got! It is big and beautifully held. It has everything that should be in a Melodi Grand Prix and both the program and hosts (who WANTED to win in Düsseldorf) take the event to heart in a beautiful, honest and unironic way. 12 points from here!"

We at congratulate DR and the producers of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix for winning this prestigious award!