Danish charmer sparkling in first rehearsal

Simon Mathew's performance is simple, though energetic, and together with his band, they perform All Night Long very impressively. Besides Simon, the band consists of two male guitar players, a keyboard player, a drummer and a female backing singer. The performance is similar to the one at the Danish national selection, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2008, but of course Simon had to find out how to move around on the stage at the Belgrade Arena in collaboration with the Danish delegation. Simon's vocal performance is brilliant, and the way he flirts with the camera will indeed help him on the way to reach the Final on 24th of May. Simon wears a white shirt, braces and a vintage hat, and all of this help to create a feeling of being back in the 1950's.

In Denmark, Simon Mathew is especially known for his appearance in one of Danish national broadcaster's (DR) talent shows. He won national fame in the show Scenen Er Din (the Danish equivalent of the international TV-show Star Search), where he presented When I Get You Alone, and later You're the Voice, before he won the prize with I Don't Wanna Be. That certainly paved the way for his first album, Simon Mathew, which was released in 2005. The interest in Simon Mathew has certainly not diminished as a result of his performance in the TV show Vild Med Dans (Danish version of the BBC’s show Strictly Come Dancing). Last year, Denmark did not qualify to the grand Final, so expectations are high for the young Dane back home.

At the press conference after the rehearsal, the Danish delegation expressed their satisfaction with the rehearsal and the whole arrangement at the venue. In regards to the actual rehearsal, Simon Mathew said it went "excellent" and he was very excited about being in Belgrade, representing Denmark. A journalist asked Simon if he thinks he will be able to reach the Final, and Simon replied: "I will try to do my best, hopefully it is enough". Moreover, Simon revealed that one of his absolute personal favourites for winning this year's Eurovision Song Contest is Turkey. During the press conference, Simon sang a bit of the Danish 2005 Eurovision Song Contest entry Tænder På Dig (Talking to You) in the Danish language, and of course he and the band also sang the chorus of All Night Long.

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