Daniela Varela: I didn't cry on stage!

Daniela loved being in Moscow and everything about Europe's favourite TV-show, she told us. "It's so big, so many emotions, so many smiles, so many good words, you can only dream and cry and be happy for being there," the Portuguese singer said.

Remember the emotional moment from the first Semi-Final in the end of her performance? The tear? Well, she does deny it, with a spark in her eyes. "It was something that went to my eye!" she laughs. "I guess I'm really sensitive and it's just the way I am." So, that settles one of the most memorable moments from this year's contest.

You want to know what she's been up to lately? Is she going to release a new album (hint!)? Or which were her favourite songs this year? Then have a look at the video below.


Flor-de-Lis finished fifteenth at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia. They performed Todas As Ruas Do Amor and gathered 57 points.

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