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Daniel Kajmakoski: "We are still working on our choreography"

15 May 2015 at 15:55 CEST
In Danile Kajmakoski’s official video, the artist creates the great animation - the love story the end of which was fulfilled by Daniel’s fans. Now, the singer and his companions from MERJ bring this romantic and melancholic atmosphere on stage in Vienna.

The biggest challenge for the F.Y.R Macedonian representative, Daniel Kajmakoski, is "the whole Eurovision package". The singer and his backing vocalists are still working hard on their entry Autumn Leaves, practicing every day outside the arena, working on movements and singing. The first rehearsal needs some changes, and the F.Y.R. Macedonian artist is still improving his performance. 

There were some slight positive changes during the second rehearsal. The members from MERJ wore the black trench coats that suited more to this romantic song. Before going on stage, Daniel said that they are working on their choreography very much, and during the show there were distinct improvements. The artists advanced their dancing performance creating more harmonic feeling.

As a promotional material of his song Autumn Leaves, Daniel Kajmakoski brought a special USB flash drive with his entry. With every stick, the F.Y.R. Macedonian delegation saves money for donation to the intensive care unit at the University Children’s Hospital in Skopje.

Gallery: Gallery: Daniel Kajmakoski's second rehearsal

In the press conference, Daniel told how his postcard has been filmed in the mountain city of Kitzbühel. It took the artist more than two hours to reach the peak: "It was really hard, but I am glad I did it."

The F.Y.R. Macedonian representative thanked a lot of people who worked and still work with him behind the scene. Here are only some of them he called: Joacim Persson, the song writer of Autumn Leaves; Aleksandar Mitevski, who wrote the F.Y.R. Macedonian version of Daniel’s entry; Robert Bilbilov who created the final version for Daniel.

Daniel Kajmakoski was named after Daniel Popovic. This year’s participant was asked if he has ever met him personally. Daniel told that he spoke to Daniel Popovic and his wife today on phone. "Enjoy every moment at Eurovision!" - that was Daniel Popovic advice.

The singer from F.Y.R. Macedonia introduced MERJ, his companions on stage. Mark and Eric are still the members of Blackstreet. They enjoy their time here in Vienna. Together with Daniel, they performed No Diggity in the press conference.

Daniel explained why he brought small USB flash drives instead of the CDs: "We wanted to spend money in a different way. We donated it to save lives of the premature-born babies. Every day we help nine babies", the artist explained.

Gallery: Gallery: Daniel Kajmakoski's press conference