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Daniel from F.Y.R. Macedonia: I receive support from my idols

11 May 2015 at 19:15 CEST
Even if Vienna is Daniel Kajmakoski's hometown, the singer moved to the hotel of his F.Y.R. Macedonian delegation - his family for the next weeks. His dreams came true - on stage Daniel will perform with his idols, MERJ (from Blackstreet).

Friendly, clever and soft-hearted - was the first impression from Daniel, when met him backstage. The singer didn't forget to introduce anybody from his team. Especially, he is very proud to enter the stage with MERJ: "My dream came true and I got a great support from my idols." all together, the artists created a very nice choreography that we'll see during their first rehearsal: "The whole thing looks good and complete."

Daniel and his companions from MERJ work hard at their performance: they already practiced yesterday and this morning in another location in Vienna and "happy with the results."

Daniel also told us that he is already familiar with the Wiener Stadthalle and performed here before. "I have very nice memories from my first concert in the Wiener Stadthalle. It was a great experience. Now, it is my second time here." But this time, a lot of singer's friends will come to support him in the arena: his parents, his brother, his friends from Austria and from F.Y.R. Macedonia that gives him and his team a great feeling.

"I sing about Autumn Leaves, but my song is not about just the end. It means that every end is a new beginning." His entry should inspire people to trust in themselves and fulfill their dreams.

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A little bit of nostalgia and magic for Daniel's performance

Daniel Kajmakoski said once: "My song Autumn Leaves remains me of my first love, brings me back to my first love feelings, reminds me of my childhood, the place I was born, pure and naive but warm hearted emotion." All these warm feelings and affections are reflected in warm colours on stage: gold, red and dark blue.

To bring his song atmosphere on stage, Daniel chose a trench coat as a part of his costume. In some moments, the autumn leaves, carried by the imaginary wind, are dancing with the artist and his backing vocalists. The singer performs in front of the medieval ruins as a symbol of the past. In the middle, there is an arch on the LEDs where the sky can be seen. With the song process, it changes from grey to warm yellow and reddish on the horizon.

Daniel and MERJ members are dancing on stage, steadily changing their positions next to each other, like autumn leaves. And in the end the sun is coming through the arch - the new and positive beginning.

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