Daniel Diges: "There's a big competition going on this year"

For this second press conference the Spanish delegation appeared in full Final costumes, and the circus characters remained posing in front of Daniel for the whole chat with the press. Their involvement with the stage show has to do with the message of the song, which takes us to children times.

For the singer, Daniel Diges, "there's a big competition going on this year. I cannot mention a clear favourite, as many of them can win. I feel this is the most difficult year ever!".

Daniel has been getting lots of support since he arrived in Oslo: "from Spain I didn't know that the song was so well appreciated abroad. It's been a surprise for me. I guess that others get as many compliments as I do, but I really appreciate them. Even if only three people came to support me from other countries it'd be great."

He still feels it's the same kind of work as his musical acting: "comparing my experience as a musical actor, there's not really such big difference, as I've prepared this performance as if it was a theatre one".

From previous Eurovision Song Contest Spanish entries he prefered 1989's Nina and Sergio Dalma who sang for Spain in 1991: "he's been one of my favourite artists since his appearance at the contest with Bailar Pegados". From other countries, it'd be ridiculous not to mention ABBA's Waterloo: "I've been singing it for a year with Nina in the musical Mamma Mia On Tour and it's a very special song for all of us".

He prefers not to think about winning but "in the event of a victory I'm not sure of what will happen. My album just debuted in the charts in Spain and I'm really excited about what could happen from now on, whatever it is. Still, I'll keep on fighting for my career and I'll keep on living my quiet life with my son and my girl."

Then Daniel offered us a bit of one of his favourite songs from musicals, We Are The Champions from Queen's musical We WIll Rock You, in which he had the starring role in the Spanish staging. "I prefer live stages and not television, but in this TV programme, the sound and the production is so amazing, that people might appreciate it on the screen just as well as here on the arena".

Then it was time for a special award, Algo Pequeñito has been voted as the favourite by the Greek fans of the Eurovision Song Contest and they awarded him a special trophy during the press conference. For Daniel this will be from now on "my number one award".

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