Daniel Diges: "I feel like a winner"

After Diges arrival in Madrid, a press conference was held by the Spanish broadcaster, TVE, with Daniel, so he could express his feelings after the Oslo experience: "I feel good, happy. If this hadn't happened, maybe I'd have been just one more entry. There are several ways of winning in life and I feel like a winner. I've done what I had to do".

For Daniel it was a big surprise to witness the good reception that Algo Pequeñito had in other European countries: "Many of the artists and composers, and even last year's winner Alexander Rybak approached me and told me how much they liked the song".

While onstage during his first performance in the Final "my aim was to do my best, then I saw something was not in place and for some seconds I started trembling. When this guy started to dance, something powerful came out of me and I think it impulsed me to go on stronger. I'm gonna try to make people look at me and remember me, this was my moment and this one person couldn't take that away from me. Even my band reacted impeccably not leaving the smiles on their faces".

"I was furious"

But, what happened when the three minutes were over, right after leaving the stage? "I started crying, and I was furious, because after three months of preparation, all you want to do is show your best for the people watching, in your country and abroad. Now I think about it and it could have been even worse if they hadn't talked about me".

It was Daniel's desire to perform twice in the Final and be in the cover of the papers the following day, because that would mean he was the winner: "One has to be careful with wishes, because in my case it didn't mean I was the winner, even if I got to sing twice and feature in the covers! Still I'm so thankful about the quick reaction of my delegation and the chance the EBU gave me allowing me to perform again".

Daniel is now looking ahead his immediate future, with his eponymous debut album being officially launched on the 13th of June and a tour to follow.

In the end Daniel Diges took Spain to a 15th place in the Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, so Algo Pequeñito improved their rankings for the last five years.


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