Daniel Diges: "An experience I'll never forget"

The Spanish delegation got to Oslo one week ago in order to attend their first rehearsals for Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny) at the Telenor Arena, but one might think that while the Semi-Finals are taking place, the performers of the countries already qualified for the Final are just resting.

Not quite like that, rehearsing every morning it's the first point of the daily schedule of Daniel Diges in Oslo: "The Eurovision stage intimidates me, it's an experience I'll never forget, you never know when you'll have this massive opportunity to be up on such a big stage again".

But it's not only work in Oslo. The artists also have the chance to do some sightseeing around Oslo, and Daniel has visited Vigeland's sculpture park, the Viking Ship Museum, or the Folk Museum in Bygdøy among other beatiful places.


Circus and Theatre

One of the official visits every artist has to do in Oslo is to a school in the area. In Dani's case he was very pleased to visit Baerum's school, where he verified that Algo Pequeñito attracts children quite a lot. Daniel's own son, Galileo, recently pronounced his first words which were "uouououo..." humming to his dad's vocals while they were travelling by car. Also the performance appeals to the youngest audience with it's circus theme: "If something works, why change it? This theme has hooked the children in Spain and hopefully those in Europe will like it too". 

Daniel has an extensive experience as a musical actor and he explained to us what he had to do to make the song his own: "I prepared the song as a theatre monologue, thinking about the real message of the song, trying to get into the role and to convey it so it reaches the audience".

Singing in Spanish for Europe

In the current Eurovision Song Contest more than half of the songs are performed in English, so singing in other languages might prove challenging for the whole of Europe to get the message. Daniel feels that the performance is enough to convey the message, but just in case he explains that Algo Pequeñito has a meaning: "many people has felt that at some point in their relationship that the other half was not giving enough. The song asks for a love gesture, something tiny so that the relationship doesn't come to an end".

Talking about defending the Spanish language abroad, a very special occasion this week for Daniel and his team has been the invitation by the Spanish Ambassador in Norway, Mr. Santiago Salas, who kindly hosted a reception for the Spanish Delegation. A warm and enjoyable evening at his residence in Oslo where Daniel entertained the attendants with a piano performance of some of his songs, including the Spanish entry in 1991 Bailar Pegados.

The curls

Whenever Daniel has gone to in Oslo he's been easily recognized due to his original curly hair. Just in case he wins he didn't make any promise to cut it off has he points out: "You're all too obsessed with my hair, hehehe... I won't touch it as I see it arouses much interest!".


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Eurovision.tv want to thank Daniel Diges and the Head of Press of TVE, Alicia Leon, for the kind help in the making of this article.

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