Dana International writes for 2008 Israeli singer

On the 25th of February, the five songs will be performed in two dedicated television shows. On the 26th, the winning song will be announced. Israeli Pop Idol host Kohav Nolad and Tzvika Hadar will present both shows. Mauda, who won Israel's A Star Is Born talent show, will sing one of the following five songs at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest;

  • Ke'ilo Kan (As If Here) by Dana International and Shai Kerem
  • Masa Haiyai (The Journey Of My Life) by Itay Pearl
  • Hin'e Ha'or (There's The Light) by Ovadia Hamama
  • Bli Ahava (Without Love) by Henree
  • Parparim (Butterflies) by Doron Gal

"I did not take part in the selection process, but I love all the 5 songs," said Boaz Mauda at a press conference today. There is a possibility othat ne or more of the songs will be performed as a duet with a male or female singers, an idea that causes the speculation that Dana International herself will join Boaz on stage, singing her own composition with him. "The 5 songs represent different musical styles," said Mauda, although previous reports suggested that most of the songs are ballads, reports Israel's OGAE fan club president Roi Yechezkel. 

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