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Daily Digest: 15 acts completed their second rehearsal in Lisbon

03 May 2018 at 21:35 CEST
From Azerbaijan to Finland and everything in between — this is the Daily Digest of Thursday, 3rd of May, 2018. EBU
BAM! Day five at the Altice Arena in Lisbon is over. Fifteen countries have shown us for a second time what their performances will look like during the Semi-Finals next week, all a little better than earlier this week when they hit the stage for the first time.

Just got home and missed out on everything that happened in Lisbon on day five of rehearsals? Here are todays videos — 30 seconds straight from the official camera feed — and photo galleries from our backstage photographers, to catch up on:

Also check out our live blog, in which we took you backstage to follow today's events here in Lisbon as if you were right here with us!

Check out the fifth episode of our Lisbon Today vlog:

Curious about — say — Sennek’s designer dress from Belgium, or want to discover more about Ieva’s beautiful country of Lithuania? Check out our profile on Spott!

What's happening tomorrow?

Nine countries from the first and second Semi-Final will rehearse for the second time tomorrow. We will also see the so-called 'Big Five' — Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — as well as host country Portugal on stage for the first time.

Halfway the day, the four presenters of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest will give a press conference as well

? Still didn't make up your mind about your favourites from the two Semi-Finals? Listen to the songs! Let us know who your favourites are in the comments below.