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Czech Republic: When professionals take to the stage

The relationship between two people can be very versatile but never easy. Marta and Václav know how to show this complicated feeling towards each other on stage: despite difficulties, the protagonists of Hope Never Dies don’t want to give up and looking for the energy to carry on.

From sunset to sunrise, hope never dies

How much emotion can the Czech artists deliver on stage through their voices? A lot! Their ballad Hope Never Dies - absolute goose bumps! The protagonists stay far apart from each other. The darkness prevents their view. So the only way to express their emotions is their powerful voices.

Gallery: First rehearsal of Marta and Václav from the Czech Republic

The lyrics divide them from each other: "Cold and dim are the skies!", while the darkness reigns on stage. But the hero doesn’t give up his hope : "Wait for me don’t cross the sea of pain". The dark stage in the beginning is getting lighter in the end symbolising that the sunset is changing to the sunrise and the loneliness to optimism and a real hope.

Backstage talk with Marta and Václav

Very relaxed and in the great spirit Marta and Václav arrived in the Wiener Stadthalle – with their spouses and little cute daughters! Joking a lot, the artists told us their whole plan for the next week: going to the concert, to the zoo etc.

Marta lives in Germany so she has no problems with the language in Vienna, and made a great effort learning how to introduce him in a funny way. The artist joked that everybody in Europe calls him Vaklav, so he considers changing his passport.

Gallery: Backstage with Marta and Václav

Concerning their song, Marta said that it is not necessarily a love song: "It is about Europe”"- about relationship between the European countries that is not always that easy.

One of the most asked question to Marta was if she had a relationship with Václav? "It can’t be true, because we are like brother and sister." But it really is so, that the first person who saw Václav’s daughter after she came to world was Marta’s husband. "Because he is a doctor", added Marta.