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Czech Republic to host national selection in 2018

11 December 2017 at 08:38 CET
Czech republic rehearsals Andres Putting
Six songs, six genres, six performers. This year, fans will help choose the Czech representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. After 10 years, the Czech Republic will host a national selection in 2018.

More than four hundred songs by various producers, performers and bands from all over the world, including thirty-six domestic authors, have arrived at Czech Television to begin preparations for the contest. 

How will it work?

Judging for the national selection will be different from when it was held the last time, ten years ago. "This year, viewers and Eurovision fans will be able to influence the result by voting for one of the six competing songs that have advanced to the finals of the national round. The voting will be achieved by means of an official Eurovision app. An international expert jury will participate in selection of the song equally," explained creative producer Jan Potměšil

Jan Bors, Head of Delegation, added: "The competing composition with the largest number of votes from the viewers and the jury will be declared the winner and thus represent the Czech Republic in Lisbon at the largest non-sports event in the world." 

Thirty-six out of more than four hundred registered compositions have been submitted by domestic authors. The Czech Television team together with expert consultants has selected six different genres. The expert music advisor to the Czech delegation is Jan Maxián. The finalists and their competing compositions will be announced on 8 January 2018. 

Viewers and fans will then be able to listen to all of the compositions and vote for their favourite. In the following days, the voting rules and other news will be announced on the website of Czech Television and on the Facebook page of the contest. 

Martina Bárta represented the Czech Republic at Eurovision 2017 with the song My Turn. Watch the live performance below.

The Czech Republic qualified for the Grand Final in 2016.