Czech Republic: Gipsy with a dot

As it has been done the past two years, the chosen artist performed two songs offered by the Czech broadcaster. The winning song was chosen via SMS voting from 1st to 14th of March and demonstrated in a TV-show on the 15th of March. The winning entry was declared to be Aven Romale which means 'come in gypsies'  and is a song full of energy!

Popular with their unique style

The band is known for its rap music in Romani language, is very popular in Czech Republic and has been gaining popularity throughout Europe. The leader of the band Radosla „Gipsy“ Banga, was born in Prague where he lived as a street kid from the age of 13, when he got in touch with hip-hop and rap. After working with local bands like Syndrom Snopp he developed his style of Romano hip-hop, combining Roma rhythms and language with the 200bpm music played by Balkan brass bands.

In partnership with top Czech gypsy "primas" (violin maestro) Vojta Lavicka and two young brothers Petr Surmaj (gt, accordion) & Jan Surmaj (double bass, up-right bass) he made a breakthrough as In just three years, has become one of the most famous Czech music representatives in the world and played at prestigious festivals and clubs in fifteen countries around the world, from Glastonbury to Ljubljana, from Lisbon through Kiev to Soul. 


The band will perform in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 12th of May in Moscow. You can read more about the band here.

Will it qualify and if then which place will it get in the Final? What do you think? Let us know!

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