Jon Lilygreen and the Islanders represented Cyprus in 2010
Jon Lilygreen and the Islanders represented Cyprus in 2010 Photo: EBU

Cyprus: Life looks better on stage

After a quick changeover, the Cypriot representatives, Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders graced the stage and started performing immediately. This was their second rehearsal.

The stage lighting changes between soft shades of blue and light brown and orange colours, which completely suit the nature and rhythm of the song. There are also no flashing lights or eccentric dance moves here but that is perfectly fine as the performance is more or less concentrated on Jon and the other members of the band. 

Just like the previous rehearsal Jon is accompanied by the Islanders on stage who play the grand piano, bass guitar, drums. In addition there are two backing singers. Jon as always plays his acoustic guitar throughout. 

There are no noticeable problems with the vocals here, which puts Jon & The Islanders in good form for his performance at the second Semi-Final, taking place on the 27th of May. approached  the Cypriot delegation during the rehearsal with regards to any changes made from the first time they were on stage. They said that they were satisfied with the performance and that no changes had been made. 


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"It would be great to have a wind machine"

As has become customary with the Cypriot press conference, Jon Lilywhite & The Islanders turned up at the press conference in a very relaxed mood. They also played their parts as budding comedians making jokes. The waiting press and fans seemed to laugh with almost every question.

Asked how they thought the rehearsal went, they said "It was better than last time. It was awesome". They also commented on the professionalism of NRK with regards to the production. Jon also jokingly said that it would be great to have a wind machine and, "to feel the wind blowing through my hair". 

Jon was asked if he had every played in front of a large crowd before to which he replied, "I played in Cardiff City Hall in front of 450 farmers". That went down a storm with the people in the room!

Towards the end of the press conference the group sang a song in front of the press conference desk, encouraging the press to join in. 

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