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A fiery performance from Cyprus' Eleni Foureira

30 April 2018 at 19:10 CEST
Cyprus rehearsal Andres Putting
Cypriot singer Eleni Foureira took the stage to wrap up the second day of rehearsals here in Lisbon, with an upbeat rendition of her song 'Fuego'.

Eleni Foureira is a pop singer and actress who has had several noteable successes in Greece and Cyprus, and has toured extensively in the Balkans. In recent years Eleni has released singles in both Greek and English, and in 2017, scored a new international hit with the song Send For Me, a collaboration with producer and rapper A.M. SNiPE. A woman of many talents, she has acted as a judge on the Greek edition of So You Think You Can Dance and has worked in the fashion industry. 

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Fuego was written by Alex Papaconstantinou, Geraldo Sandell, Anderz Wrethov, Viktor Svensson and Didrick.

Eleni's powerful performance kicked off with her silhouette front and centre. Only seconds into the song, we see her singing with red lights flashing in the background and four dancers joining Eleni on stage, dressed head to toe in glittered outfits. 

Halfway through the song, smoke appears both on screen as well as from the stage. Eleni is really 'burning it up', as she sings in her Eurovision entry with a song called Fuego fire must be involved! With flames sprawling across the stage floor, she sets the stage ablaze.

The staging of the entry has been assigned to the internationally acclaimed artistic director and choreographer Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who has extensive experience at the Eurovision Song Contest as choreographer for four countries in 2016 and 2017, as well as for Georgia in 2015.

Before arriving for her rehearsal, Eleni made it clear to her instagram followers that she was ready for whatever Lisbon brought: "Lisbon I’m coming..."

Eleni: 'We are fire!' caught up with Eleni after her first rehearsal where she said with a smile: "I was waiting for this from the very first moment I knew I was going to Eurovision. The feeling on stage was amazing. We have fire, and we feel like that: my girls are fire and with this performance we're showing real girl power." 

Eleni will return to the rehearsal stage on Friday, 4th of May for her second run-through. Cyprus competes in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday, 8th of May.

What do you think of Eleni's first rehearsal? Will Cyprus make it to the Grand Final? Leave your review in the comments!