Cyprus: Christina has stopped being fragile


Christina Metaxa's stage experience comes from small events on her home island. But now, the young representative for Cyprus feels ready to enter the stage in Russia's capital, to sing her entry Firefly for many millions of viewers. She has learned a lot on the road.

“I've become stronger as a person,” Christina says. “I've been very fragile, closed in my room. I wouldn't go to this kind of events. Now I feel proud in a way that I've managed to speak to so many people and handle so many things.”

As a participant of Europe's favorite TV show, Christina has faced large regiments of journalists. Her press conferences, as for all the other performers, has been visited by hundreds of attenders.

“In the beginning it was a shock for me, but slowly I've got used to it,” she says. “And I keep getting used to it. Its nice to see that people want to learn about your song and yourself.”


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