Cyber girl meets Turkish rockers

The set up on stage features four tall speakers, two on each side. A white and black flag are posted either side of a central podium, and on the podium is a cyber dancer who is dressed in a silver costume. To the right of the podium is a man on DJ decks with two turntables and to the left is a drummer. The stage is very dark and smoke rises from behind the podium throughout the show. Bursts of flashing white spotlights flash repeatedly from the lower part of the stage.

Fire and pyrotechnics are used at the very start, after the first and second chorus and then almost constantly until the climax of the performance.

Two guitarists playing electric guitar join the lead singer at the front of the stage and are all wearing black latex costumes. The lead singer wears a black latex costume with white shoulder pads.

Towards the end of the performance the cyber dancer warns off the band members by pointing and firing a welder at them with sparks flying everywhere. The cyber dancer then begins to take off the silver costume and is revealed to be a blond lady waving a white and black flag of her own, revealing that the idea of the lyric and stage performance were to create a cyber character who reaches out to the human beings and wants to be like them, hence the title of the song We Could Be The Same.


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"If we win we will go straight on vacation!"

maNga were asked at the beginning of their second press conference about how they felt with the second run of rehearsals. The band said  "Now we are ready, during our first rehearsals we couldn't really practice anything so much. We have been working on the story in the song, trying to put that alive and bring it to reality in a fun, modern form so that everyone can understand what's going on on stage, for example the bionic woman becoming a human being."

The said bionic woman is actually half Italian and half South African and she said that  maNga were becoming increasingly well known in South Africa these days.

The bands choreographer also added "We have been working hard with the band so they are more comfortable with everything and working on improving the camera angles in the direction of the performance as well."

The group admitted that they were struggling to come to terms with the long hours of daylight in Oslo, that it has taken them a few days to get in to their routine of sleeping patterns.They will attend some delegation parties and also host a Turkish party in Oslo in the coming days.

maNga said collectively that of the other competing entries this year they liked Germany, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Romania and Israel.

If maNga were to win the Eurovision Song Contest, they said the first thing that they would do is to go on vacation!. After the competition, they will also be recording some more English language songs and hopefully produce an album in English.

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