Croatia will not take part in Eurovision 2014


According to the explanation given to Croatian viewers, a difficult economic situation is the reason for this decision. “HRT needs to use its funds wisely and as efficiently as possible. We also need to take care of the public criticism about our budget policy,” the Croatian public broadcaster pointed out, adding that some other participating countries made the same decision because of Europe's economic crisis and recession.

HRT is aware of the fact that there is a lot of Eurovision fans and viewers in Croatia that will not approve this decision. Still, after considering all the aspects including “weaker placements of Croatian artists in the last few years,” HRT decided to take a break and not take part in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

It seems unclear whether this will be just a one year break for Croatia. “It is in our interest to choose songs and artists that will be able to achieve good ranking. Until our return to the Eurovision Song Contest, we are going to focus our creative potential in that direction”, the HRT’s statement says.

Whether TV viewers will be able to watch the Eurovision Song Contest from Copenhagen next year still needs to be decided. HRT plans to make a decision about that in the near future after they consider, “the real interest of public and viewers in Croatia”.

Croatia has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1993. Artists like Maja Blagdan (1994) and Doris Dragović (1999) reached fourth place twice. Nevertheless, in the last four years, Croatian artists did not manage to qualify for the final, including Klapa s Mora, this years representatives, who performed their song “Mizerja” in Malmö.

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