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Croatia: Video clip to be presented this week

03 April 2016 at 21:23 CEST
Nina Kraljić Sanja RedCat Baljkas
Nina Kraljić, who will represent Croatia in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, is currently busy touring Europe to promote her entry and meet her fellow contestants. After a promotional video to her song Lighthouse had been presented two weeks ago, the official video clip is now almost ready. Stay with and watch it live as soon as it is released!

The promotional tour of the Croatian representative for Stockholm is currently in full swing: After spending three days in the Serbian capital Belgrade, where Nina Kraljić took part in several TV and radio shows, and met the Serbian Eurovision Song Contest representative Sanja Vučić ZAA, she is now busy recording the official video clip of her song Lighthouse.

The video clip is directed by Filip Filković Philatz and the company Antitalent Production. So far not much has been disclosed about the clip, but you can already see the official poster announcing it below. The video itself will be premiered later this week.


Before parting for Stockholm in May, Nina has two more promotional performances scheduled: On 9 April she will participate in Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, and on 17 April she will be a guest at the London Eurovision Party. You can find more information on all Eurovision Song Contest parties in our article.

While we are all waiting for Nina's official video, you can see the promotional spot of her Eurovision Song Contest entry below.