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Croatia's night of knights

10 May 2013 at 17:10 CEST

The song Mižerja may be about hard times in English, but Klapa s Mora have certainly not found themselves in hard times as each of the striking outfits they wear has cost around 10,000 Euros. They have been individually hand made in a Monastery, and have silver threads embroidered within them. They represent the outfits of traditional knights, who would wearing them while riding on horseback.

The Croatian dlegation were very happy with everything following their first rehearsal on Monday, and are delighted with the organisation by SVT. Any changes have been pretty minor, a few camera angles and positions of the singers on the stage floor for example.

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The background on the projector screens behind the Croatian knights, is a starry night background, and is kept throughout the song. The singers make minimal movements on the stage, although when they do walk more towards the front of the stage they like to give a swish of their long coats to show off the red lining underneath.

Press Conference

One of the group members, Bojan Kavedžija, has actually performed before on the Eurovision stage, as he was a backing singer to Severina, in the Croatian entry of 2006.

Mention of previous Croatian entries brought the discussion around to internal selection or a national final in future? The Croatian Head of Delegation Aleksandar Kostadinov hoped that the recession might be over and that they may return to a national final from next year.

At the conclusion of the press conference, Klapa s Mora, performed a short section of their entry in English as Hard Times.

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